So, we can all be honest here. Not much is going on in this picture. I am wearing some bad ass tie-dye bike shorts, though. So I have that going on.

Supposedly, the baby is as large as a prune. I haven’t eaten a prune since my last lifetime as a 90 year old man, so I can’t quite be sure how big that is, but it must not be all that big. I’d like to think that little pooch action parallel with where my hand is could be a baby bump, but I’m fairly certain I’ve had that my whole life.

I didn’t mention this before, but we did have an awesome and comforting scan at exactly 9 weeks! Baby was measuring 4 days ahead and wiggled a little when my doctor pushed on my pelvis. Harassment starts early, kid. Heart was beating 180 beats per minute. It was totally cool.

I continue to feel rough most of the time, especially close to the end of each school day in my classroom. It starts as extreme lethargy around 1 pm and then morphs into nausea. The only cure is bee-lining it out of school right at the end of the day, eating some granola or bread with almond butter and then napping for 3 hours. As a result, I wake up at 7 o’clock feeling like an extremely lazy, worthless person but I reassure myself with the whole “I’m making a person” excuse.

Last week all I could think about was pad thai. Then I ate pad thai on Friday and it was super underwhelming. I miss enjoying food! But I know, I know. Small price to pay for what’s going on in this here uterus, so I’m not complaining, universe.

How have I been doing with my goals of loving more and being happy? Let’s see. I showed love to our friend who owns a cafe by painting him a new sign to hopefully better catch the attention of people walking by. Showed love to my friend Emily by working for about 10 hours on the book I’m writing about her. I felt love come back to me when our waitress at the pad thai restaurant informed me that another table, the family of one of my first graders, had covered our bill for us. This week I want to show more love to Hus since he’s taken on a lot in the face of my ridiculous laziness. I’ve been happy most of the time, though at times very, very scared about the future. To work on the happy thing Hus and I are going to start meditating this week. Well, I used to do it, so I’ll start to do it again and he is going to try for the first time. I have a great book that walks you through it. We’ll see how it goes.