Blurry picture. It’s a rough pic, representative of a rough week.

On Tuesday night I was up all night tossing and turning with a fever. Wednesday morning the diarrhea started, you know, the really enjoyable, non-stop kind. I text messaged by OBGYN and he said to come in. I drove the hour of curvy jungle road while my stomach churned. Ran to his bathroom when I got there. Ugh. He put me on the scale and I had lost 5 lbs since 2 weeks ago, which is no good especially considering I’m only 5 feet tall. He did an ultrasound and the baby’s heart rate was elevated. I was upset about this but also very focused on the baby, which I hadn’t seen in two weeks, looking so much more baby-like! Kicking and punching up a storm, probably because he was pissed about the elevated heart rate. Poor thing.

Doctor told me I was dehydrated and thus stressing the baby, so I had to go the hospital immediately and get on an IV drip for hydration and antibiotics.

So I did. I drove a bit more down the road, checked myself in at San Javier hospital and called my school secretary to give Hus the message of where I was. He would come as soon as he finished teaching.

I took a Tylenol every 5 hours or so to keep the fever down, but as it started to wear off I felt incredibly uncomfortable. I thought perhaps I could get some rest in the hospital bed, since I had barely slept an hour the whole night before, but no such luck. There was no way to relax. It was loud. I kept getting tangled with the IV cord. I was also constantly having to call the all male nurses to take my IV down so I could go to the bathroom.

I was so worried about the baby.

When Hus arrived, around hour three, I felt overjoyed. He made me laugh with funny stories from the day at school about blending fish guts with his science class. I love him so much. He sat on the bed with me because there was no chair and rubbed my legs and feet, which felt good because my whole body ached. I got so cold that I felt like I had hypothermia. I told a nurse I was cold and he brought me a fluffy blanket that felt like it had been microwaved. It felt like heaven. Then they took my temperature and gasped and stole it away so I was freezing again. Jerks.

A very disgruntled sounding German guy came to the other side of my partition, with a tribe of people helping to translate about his bloody stools and how it was probably just Montezuma’s revenge, which was way too graphic for me at that moment.

I just wanted to get out of there.

Around hour five, we got to home. Unfortunately, my fever was still around 101 degrees. The doctor prescribed 10 days of antibiotic pills and a shit ton of sick-ass Pedialyte.

There is no delicious flavor of Pedialyte, in case you were wondering. I thought I liked coconut flavored everything and now know that is not true.

Went home and continued to feel awful for another sleepless night, but Thursday afternoon the fever finally broke. I could never accept the god awful flavor of Pedialyte so I stuck to this Electrolit drink instead. Their coconut flavor is acceptable, though still far from delicious.

The good news is that today is Saturday and I’m feeling much better now! Eating food, sleeping just fine, my usual morning sickness that gets cured by eating carbs, etc. I’ve been worrying a bit about being on antibiotics for the second time this early in pregnancy, but trying to have faith that an infection would be far more dangerous to my baby than antibiotics. Bought some kombucha that a woman in town makes and some greek yogurt from the farmer’s market to hopefully get some good stuff going in my stomach now.

I still have no idea why I got sick in the first place, which scares me. Is it a bug that I caught from a student? Something I ate? I hadn’t eaten out at all and honestly I eat the most boring foods at home, which Hus always eats as well, so I can’t believe it to be food poisoning. Regardless, I’m making an extra effort to eat super well now: organic when possible, no conventional dairy milk, etc. I don’t want to get sick again and it’s hard to avoid it in Mexico, teaching 6 and 7 year olds.

Back to the picture up there. I decided to wear that baller outfit every week (for now) to make it easier to notice subtle changes. I will also now put that sign up above my head with the week number. I’m recycling our un-used thank you wedding postcards for those signs. In the future, I’ll also ask Hus to make the picture less blurry. It kind of made sense for this week though.

Stay healthy, stay loving, stay happy.