12 weeks! (Please don’t judge my hair here. I had just woken up and rushed to get Hus to take a picture before he ran off to his weekend job. I know something needs to be done, perhaps brushing it or cutting it or even just washing regularly would probably be a good start.)

This is around the time that most people start to announce to the world, “Yo, I’m pregnant!” I haven’t really done this, but I am becoming more liberal with who I tell in my everyday life.

A lot of people at school actually found out last week since I was dramatically out sick for 3 days and word spread. I got back to work this week with all my students knowing and being super cute about it. Many of them during morning meeting now say things like “Today I am feeling excited because Ms. Carly va a tener baby!” and don’t even get me started on the amount of little hands on my tummy. I know it’s in a loving way but I also get really tired of being touched all day, which was the case even before pregnancy. My students are just overly affectionate; always hugging, grabbing my hands, touching my toes on the carpet, wanting to sit in my lap, trying to braid my hair, etc.

I definitely see a difference in this week’s picture, which is exciting! Eating food again probably helped.

Oh and the 12 week ultrasound was so unbelievably awesome. This was the first time you could see arms and legs in full detail and lots of movement. I drank a super sweet coconut juice in the car on our way to the appointment knowing it would help with the action and it really did. Feezy was having a rager in there. Honestly though, it kind of makes me want to steer clear of sugar completely because you really see the impact it has and that sort of scares me. It can’t be good to make your fetus go bouncing off the walls of your uterus, right? I’ve had zero sweet tooth anyway so maybe that’s for the best.



profile shot and then arms up in what looks like warrior pose

Since everything looked great, on target for growth and heart rate, I’m not going back again until 16 weeks. It will be a long month of waiting to see him again but I like that the longer we wait, the more dramatically he will have changed. That will be worth it. Plus, I’ve already been spoiled by ultrasounds — 5 weeks (gestational sac), 7 weeks (just a fluttering heart), 9 weeks (BABY!), 11 weeks (dehydrated, angry baby), 12 weeks — so I figure giving the little guy some privacy to do his thing will be good.

(Have I mentioned we say he and call him Feezy even though we have no idea if he’s a boy or a girl? I just hate saying “it” so we decided to say he until told otherwise, and Feezy just stuck. I really feel like he’s a boy, anyway.)

This week I started being more appreciative of life here. It helps that I’ve been feeling less sick in the mornings, so while walking to work I can actually enjoy the smell of the french bakery’s donuts and croissants baking, fresh corn tortilla smell wafting out from behind the mini-super and even coffee being made in our school’s kitchen. My nausea strictly comes at nighttime now, thus sabotaging dinner which is the meal where I often try to eat healthy and throw in, dare I say, a vegetable or a protein. Yeah, that never ends well. I’m ready for this to be over because I want to feed Feezy right!

Speaking of which, I have an orange in my fridge. Let me go peel that thang.


This has been a good karma kind of week. Alicia at the french bakery gave us two croissants when we went to buy a loaf of bread, one of which was filled with chocolate. I know I just said I don’t have a sweet tooth but that chocolate croissant might have been the first food I thoroughly enjoyed this entire pregnancy. Dangerously, dangerously good. She also gave it to us at the end of a school day when I was particularly ravenous. It was so perfect. I ate the other one with almond butter which sounds like a weird combination but it totally worked.

Then we went to this new little bar/restaurant place that just opened around the corner from us and a friend of ours was working there so he gave us free drinks and then out came an entire table of free chicken wings, four different flavor varieties. Hus was in heaven. I was not. Ew. I ordered french fries. Healthy dinner, I know.

After that I did NOT want ice cream, as I had just ate all the french fries in the world, but Hus, who has been acting more pregnant than me recently, wanted ice cream. And I was down for a walk. So we went for ice cream, to a place I know all too well since they are pretty much the reason I’m pregnant. I went there every night — no exaggeration — while we were trying to conceive, as I knew more fat would help the situation. I seriously became an ice cream consultant there, tasting different flavors and giving feedback. The owner hadn’t seen me in months since my aversion to sweetness kicked in so he was overjoyed to see my face and hear our news. As I said, I did NOT want ice cream but he insisted on having us try tastes of all his new flavors with him, as if we were at a bar taking shots with the bartender. He makes it all himself from scratch with fresh ingredients here so it is truly unbelievable stuff, even for a sugar hater like myself. And then he insists on giving us both free ice cream cones and going on and on about how he can’t wait to see us with our baby, etc. He has said before how much he loves us as a couple so this was just icing on the cake for him. Such a good guy. Mexican culture is so open and loving, never ceasing to amaze me. I felt pretty sick after that ice cream though.

I was kind of sad walking away that night because he has no idea we’re moving away. Neither do my students. I know being home with family is the place to have a baby, but it will be hard to leave here. We walk everywhere and know everyone. People are constantly watching our backs. It is so incredibly safe, literally zero violent crime, so I am able to walk alone at all hours and there are always people out. ¬†Sunshine literally every single day. We can see and hear the waves crashing from our apartment, and walk one block to the beach to swim or paddle board or frolic with our dog. I thought I’d be bored living in such a small town, but there is never a dull moment here. There was even an elephant stomping around when I walked to the grocery store this morning (the circus is in town and they took it for a leisurely walk, no big deal). Hus fed it some apples:


I keep telling myself that this town will always be here, as will many of our friends. This will forever be a home to us, and coming back will be amazing. It’s just daunting to move back to the states after three years in Mexico, as we know this country has deeply changed us and aren’t even sure what our old “home” will feel like after this has been our home for so long. It’s a weird thing. I don’t even think I’m able to articulate how exactly I’m feeling about this.

Lots of love to all.