I don’t want to jinx anything, but I think I’m turning a corner here.

We just had a big Family Day party at our school and after my kids danced a ridiculously adorable dance and made three human pyramids, a bunch of food was served, including steak tacos. I instinctively shielded my eyes from the tacos, but then slowly realized that I didn’t actually feel grossed out. In fact, they looked and smelled delicious. Whaat?

So, I made a simple taco. Corn tortilla, steak (carne asada, specifically), guacamole, squeeze of lime, and… IT. WAS. DELICIOUS. I was in shock. I even went up for a second one.

Other than this earth-shattering news, there isn’t much to report here. I have been feeling the same level of nausea and exhaustion in general, but am hoping today was a sign that this will change as well.

Oh wait, just remembered. We went on a trip to a small little town in the mountains over the weekend and a random stranger in a restaurant knew I was pregnant! I was shocked that she could tell and was convinced Hus had told her while I was in the bathroom. But he had not. I felt really giddy about this.

In the picture up there I feel like I am showing, but at other times not so much. My belly is a bizarre optical illusion these days.

Peace out.