This past week has been crazy-go-nuts in the best possible of ways. I flew to my old home of Monterrey, Mexico to visit friends and students there. I was nervous to travel at this point in my pregnancy since my nausea and lethargy have been, at times, intense. However, I think the fun distraction of travel was actually really good for me because I felt better than I have in weeks.

The entire weekend was non-stop visiting places I love and catching up with people I’ve missed, with some exercise thrown in (long, hot walks on the Calzada for some of the best dog and people watching around, plus a non-prenatal YogaGlo yoga class with Sarah that made my arms sore for two days).

Coming home to my amazing husband and vibrating-with-excitement chihuahua was also one of the best parts of the weekend. Hus had of course cleaned the whole house until it sparkled and grocery shopped while I was gone. Man, he is the best. Distance – in small doses anyway – makes the heart grow fonder for sure.

Anyway, this picture was taken a bit late, at 15.5 weeks, because of my travels. Tomorrow is actually 16 weeks (!!!) and I have an ultrasound! Haven’t seen Feezy since 12 weeks so to say I’m excited is an understatement. I’m also, of course, a little nervous, as all ultrasounds tend to make me, but I’m trying to go in with full throttle positivity because, hey, I have no reason not to.

As for the belly, more people around town are starting to go “Hey, you’re pregnant!” which is cool after feeling like a super bloated whale for weeks. Along with the small bump has also come some unwelcome comments/judgments from people, but I’m trying my best to take in stride, knowing it’s just the tip of the iceberg. What I’m focusing on instead – since happiness is a choice yo! – is how much my grandma loved the picture that I sent her of myself at 14 weeks. She said she can’t stop looking at it because I look so healthy and beautiful. AND THIS IS WHY GRANDMAS RULE and 95% of other people don’t.

Can’t wait to update you on how the ultrasound goes tomorrow. xoxo.