disregard drugged-out looking eyes.

It crept in slowly, this whole feeling-so-so-SO-much-better thing. The last time I sobbed uncontrollably was at exactly 14 weeks, which was the day I reached my breaking point and decided that the first trimester was officially sucking my will to live. That dramatic crying session was over a bowl of vegetable curry, by the way. What the hell.

Perhaps the universe heard my sobs, though, because I officially feel like I’m on the other side of it now. This week I ate some slightly adventurous foods, had surprising amounts of energy and didn’t shed a single tear.

Then on Thursday we had our 16 week ultrasound, where the doctor 80% confirmed that Feezy is a boy! I wasn’t surprised at all, since I really have just known deep down from the beginning. Realizing that my gut feeling was probably right made me feel so happy and close to him already though. It’s just crazy that we’ve been calling him Feez since he was the size of a lentil and that might be what we’re calling him as an actual person. Here’s a video if you want to decide for yourself. Even with my non-expert eye, I’m thinking he looks like a definite BOY. This was my first abdominal ultrasound, which is a hell of a lot more comfortable than the vaginal one, so that rocked. My next one will be at 20 weeks.

Anyway, keeping this short and sweet because Hus and I are trying to tackle a bunch of things with our limited time on the internet today. We have 5 weeks left of school which feels like straight up torture since most of my other teacher friends in the states and Mexico are done in a week or so, but we are trying to use this time to appreciate Sayulita, eat excessive amounts of mangos (IT’S MANGO SEASON BITCHES!), work on our business and get rid of 50% of our belongings.

To conclude, some recent pictures:


Hus and I looked out our window to see this. Very safe strategy to keep this man from falling to his death.


From my trip last weekend to Monterrey, reuniting with my old students who are now headed to MIDDLE SCHOOL! They’re pretty crazy, but I still love them a lot.


Poqueta’s blinged out collar that she doesn’t wear for real because it’s too big (not to mention ridiculous and not to mention she never wears a collar) but she modeled it anyway.