17 weeks

Image18 weeks

Okay, so I took the 17 weeks picture LATE, really at 17.5 weeks, and then the 18 week pic was more true to time which means this growth really only happened in about 4 days. Crazy. Also crazy is the fact that I feel unbelievably good. I hope I’m not jinxing myself by admitting this, but as of late I’ve had NO nausea, almost all foods taste decent again (except some meat, chicken and fish which I’m still a little picky with, but I can eat them) and I have much more energy. After school I take a nap but it’s not even totally necessary now, it’s more just because that time of day is unbelievably hot so there’s nothing better to do than listen to old episodes of This American Life and doze off. I am doing 30-60 minutes/day of yoga, too.

Since the heat and humidity are hovering around 100 degrees here, I have basically been living on homemade smoothies with hella fat (coconut milk, coconut butter, almond butter, frozen strawberries, wild banana, cacao powder), fruits like mango, papaya, tuna (not the fish, it’s a cactus fruit), ciruela… oh, and popcorn. And falafel and hummus, since there’s an amazing falafel joint here.

Sorry for the infrequent posts. The internet at our school has been out and since we don’t have it at home we really rely on doing internet stuff at school. Right now I’m at an outdoor cafe in the plaza by our house for the wifi, where Poqueta is getting continually harassed by assorted local kids, including many of my students. We have a bunch of friends from Monterrey coming in today, so I should probably get going. I also need to find something to eat. It’s funny how if I didn’t eat first thing in the morning before I would die of nausea, and now I can go the first four hours of the day without eating, no problem. THANK YOU BODY FOR BEING NORMAL-ISH AGAIN!!!

LOVE to all!