So my aunt is right: You can totally see my nipples in these pictures. Do I care? No, not really. But it is good for me to notice anyway so that I don’t wear this shirt to school. The adjustment from going to no boobs at all to SOME minimal boobs has been funny. I’m so used to never, ever wearing a bra and throwing on whatever shirt I want with liberated boobs underneath that it’s weird to notice in the mirror sometimes now, “Oh snap, that’s a nipple.” Has this happened after I’m already at work a few times? Yes. Am I grateful we have a very lackadaisical dress code at my school? Oh yes. There’s another teacher whose entire stomach is showing 80% of the time so whatever, I still look like a nun compared to her.

Anyway, not much dramatic change in belly size from 19 to 20 weeks, which makes me feel a little bit more relaxed about the growth rate going on. Perhaps I won’t be a veritable house by the end after all.

Husein and I spent the entire day yesterday packing up our house and giving away of 50% of our possessions. IT FELT SO GOOD. We still have a week and a half left here and are now surrounded by boxes and living out of suitcases though. Hmm. Perhaps we got overzealous a little prematurely. The thing is, we now only have one weekend left here, which also happens to be my birthday weekend (I turn 28 this Friday, June 28th!) and I really didn’t want to spend that weekend grouchily packing. So it was in our best interest to get it over with this past weekend. Neither of us thought we’d be quite as productive as we were, but hey, we’ve moved at least 10 times in the past 6 years so we’re semi-professionals at this point. We also both found getting rid of things to be hella therapeutic, which fueled us to keep going. Still can’t be sure that everything will fit in our very small Honda Civic, but Hus is a jenga-master when it comes to packing, utilizing every and I mean EVERY crevice, so I think we’ll manage.

Have a beautiful week!