This will by the last belly picture taken with the blue wall in the background. On Thursday our little Honda civic will be packed to the brim with all of our possessions, with little Poqueta perched on top of everything in the backseat, to embark on our road trip back to the states.

This past weekend was my birthday weekend and our last weekend here. I turned 28 (on June 28th!), finally announced my pregnancy on facebook, got my last Sayulita sunburn while hanging on the beach, swam for hours in the turquoise water, ate a bunch of salads balanced out by fried fish tacos, hosted friends here that are visiting from Singapore and showered my chihuahua with kisses.


How could you not shower this creature with kisses?


The cutest little yawn on earth.

Anyway, my best birthday present was the fact that Feez decided to start kicking up a storm this weekend. It started at my dentist appointment on Friday (teeth cleaning on my birthday, haha) and hasn’t let up since. I still have to be strategic about where my hand is to feel it because of the whole anterior placenta thing, but whatever.

Okay, currently needing to pack up my classroom like a beast with the help of my little elves aka 1st graders.

Much love.