It’s summer vacation for us! FINALLY!

I can’t believe it was just last week that we had our last day of school.


There was a big awards assembly and goodbye ceremony, hence the flowers. 

Hus surprised me with the best freaking ever present for an uncomfortably hot pregnant woman that has been living with no air conditioning and getting serenaded loudly by awful music until 2:30am each night by the nearby bar: our last night in Sayulita was spent alone in a gorgeous, quiet house with a salt water pool and AIR CONDITIONING.

You see, our entire apartment had to be packed anyway because we had to drive out directly from school when the day ended (since we had a wedding that Friday night in Monterrey, Mexico = 16 hr drive). The two of us were exhausted after a week straight of packing both our apartment and ENTIRE SCHOOL into boxes, all in 90% humidity, surrounded by mosquitoes. And getting no sleep due to the aforementioned loud ass bar down the hill. I thought I had learned to sleep through the noise but add in: stress of moving and getting everything done before the tight timeline of moving, sweating, pregnancy… and sleep wasn’t happening.

Until that last night in the beautiful house, that is.

fancy pool

The place he rented (through a friend who owns a rental company, who ended up giving us the night as a going away present so it was actually a gift for both of us) was so serenely perfect. While Hus finished packing everything alone at our apartment, he sent me off to the house to skinny dip in the pool and let Pokey nest in a luxurious couch with 5 million pillows.

post skin dip

Pokey and me feeling refreshed post skinny dipping.

poke in the house

She enjoyed the comfy bed and AC, too.

Eventually Hus joined us and we had such a peaceful night. In fact, I wanted so badly to appreciate it that I felt like I didn’t want to sleep, but as soon as my head hit the pillow of the comfy bed with that AC… I was out.

So after that blissful night and getting everything ready to go, we had one last day of sweaty hard work at the school followed by one last skinny dip in the best pool ever. And then we were off. Ice cream cones from Wakika in hand, we drove out of Sayulita. It was pretty surreal, to be honest, but I was so tired and running on adrenaline at the time that I couldn’t even process it. All I knew was that we had to haul ass to Monterrey to get to Joe’s wedding the following day in time.

After 16 hours of curvy Mexican highway driving, we made it to wedding!


Didn’t look too bad for it, considering how tired we were.

So here’s my belly (in the dress, with a thumbs up) at 22 weeks:


I borrowed this dress from one of my old co-workers in Monterrey who has lots of nice clothes, since I was clueless about how to look fancy while pregnant.

Wedding was fun, though I was in need of some serious relaxation, so the next part of our trip couldn’t have come soon enough.


GRANDMA’S FARM IN MISSOURI! Reading and swimming at the lake.

We drove there in two days, with an overnight stop in Dallas in between. I did a lot of relaxing and Hus did a lot of work for my grandma, which he weirdly loves to do.


I love my grandma! This was early in the morning before we left yesterday. She might not be pleased about me putting a picture on the internet of her in her nightgown.

So week 23 was spent at the farm, here’s the “official” picture:

ImageBoth my friend Kari and I feel like I’m not getting that much bigger exactly, but it’s definitely filling out more on top and getting increasingly round.

Overall, feeling good. Ate so so so much delicious food, including ice cream twice daily at my grandma’s (CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER CUP GELATO, name speaks for itself) and I’m feeling the weight gain for sure.

On Thursday night, at exactly 23 weeks, my nipples started leaking noticeably at dinner, so we all got a good laugh about that. Bummer that I was wearing a white shirt and no bra though (hella inappropriate, I know, but I was among family) as the little yellow spots haven’t come out yet. Oh well.

Anyway, in Chicago right now getting ready for my trip to Germany on Thursday!! Weeks 24 through 26 of my pregnancy will be spent in Berlin, with my parents and sister, eating all the sauerkraut in the world. Pretty psyched.

Love to all!