Kinda sorta feeling like I freaking blew up this week.

All of a sudden, even with my daily yoga, my back hurts like crazy. I don’t have the stamina to walk all day, as I tried to do yesterday in Washington DC. I felt like I had gotten a lot bigger and then stepped on the scale to confirm my suspicions. The number actually made my jaw drop.

I want to embrace weight gain, especially since on Friday the midwife told me I should expect to gain at least 10 more lbs, but I was hoping it would be a little more gradual than this. I don’t even feel like I’m suddenly eating that much more, so what gives? Maybe I’m retaining water?

Anyway, let me focus on the positive right now. I had my first appointment with a midwife at the birth center where I plan to deliver, and everything is progressing normally. I need to get a bunch of bloodwork and an updated ultrasound in order to be fully transferred into their practice, which I’ll do this week.

After a week of nice, cool weather, Philadelphia is now super muggy and hot which I am not a big fan of. Still haven’t turned the air conditioner on to sleep but I have a feeling I’ll need it soon, considering I keep waking up sweaty and uncomfortable.

Anyway, my friend Sarah is still visiting from Canada so I’m off to show her Philadelphia and hopefully find an appropriate fancy maternity dress that I can wear to all three weddings I have coming up in the next month! Ah!