Okay, not sure why this picture is so blurry, but you get the idea.

Anyway, I’m happy to report that I’m feeling MUCH better than last week! My body is less sore and I generally feel less whale-like. I mean, I still feel huge compared to my normal self but I’m not waddling around like I felt like I had to last week. In retrospect, I think the humidity and constant activity of last week is to blame. The cool weather is back here in Philly (YAY!) and things are generally more quiet.

Things that have been awesome over here:


Celebrating my dad’s birthday with a huge tray of meat at an awesome restaurant in Fishtown called Fette Sau (Fat Pig in German I believe… very appropriate name).


Then my mom flew to Missouri to hang with Grandma, so Hus and I have been cooking. The empty chair at the table means Poqueta has a place.


I bought a stuffed animal of Pokey for the baby and Pokey pretty much fell in love. Not sure if I’ll be able to give this to Feez after all.


Pokey also loves loves LOVES the Snoogle. I keep finding her nuzzled into it.


I discovered that these jeans still fit and are comfortable. Granted, they have always had a little give in the waist, but I’m still amazed. Project buy zero maternity clothes is still going strong! Think I can make it to the end?


Not sure how much longer I can get away with wearing this non-maternity dress though. When I put it on to go to our friend Shea’s apartment, Hus said, “You’re wearing THAT?” Then I gave him death glare. You know what? I’m going to wear what I can while I can because lord knows my days are numbered.

I never found an appropriately fancy and inexpensive maternity dress for the upcoming three weddings. When my mom gets back from Missouri I hope to drag her out with me to search again.

We really need to start buying some baby stuff. We basically have nothing and I’m so overwhelmed by the thought of it all that I keep putting it off, telling myself we want to be minimalists regarding baby purchases anyway. Pretty sure this means we’ll be totally screwed at like 38 weeks and in a panic will run out and buy a bunch of things we don’t need and pay more than we should. That sounds like our style.

Anyway, this Thursday I get my first ultrasound in the USA. I’m actually a little nervous about it, since they’ll be measuring things I’ve never had measured. Then I see the midwives again on Friday. I’ll let you know how it all goes.

I have been doing a lot of research about childbirth out of genuine curiosity/fear. I  am currently reading a book called Birth: The Surprising History of How We Are Born and it is equal parts fascinating and horrifying. I also read Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth and Easy Labor (which is an underwhelming read). I also watched, for the second time, The Business of Being Born – which I found to be extremely well made. I love the fact that the film maker herself gets an emergency C-section, because the film manages to effectively respect hospitals for what they do while still advocating for natural childbirth. I can’t say the same for the other documentary I rented, called Pregnant in America which was a complete waste of time. The male filmmaker somehow made his wife’s pregnancy all about him (!?) and he is SO anti-hospital that it just makes his whole pro-natural childbirth argument less credible.

Far from educational, I also read Jenny McCarthy’s absurd book Belly Laughs which made me feel like I was having the easiest pregnancy on planet earth because man, was she a freaking train wreck. Her birth story is basically the worst thing I’ve ever read. However, it didn’t make me any more anxious about labor. I oddly found it kind of helpful to read, like a what-not-to-do guide.

Okay time to walk the pup. This blog post is evidence of how in love I am with my dog. I know. I think I’ve been showering her with even more love than usual since I know, come November, her life will change dramatically.

much love.