Things said to me this week:

“You’re about to give birth, right?!!” -woman who looked horrified 5 seconds later when I said ‘um no, NOVEMBER.’

“Looks like you’re carrying a boy.” -everyone and their mom

“ARE YOU PREGNANT?” -8 year old boy… I told him no.

“You look adorable!!!” -jogging woman who I wanted to give a hug

“That big tummy… that little dog…. that’s just too much.” -neighbor lady

This picture wasn’t really taken at 29 weeks, more like 29.5 because Hus aka my personal photographer has been in Colorado for the past 5 days. I’m so happy to have him back home. Pokey is even more excited.

It has actually been an eventful week pregnancy-wise! First of all, I found out I failed my stupid glucose tolerance test (had to get below 140, I got 145) so yesterday I went in for the 3 hr — though it took 4 — follow-up. Fasted. Got blood drawn. Drank sickly sweet flat orange soda stuff. Felt nauseous/dizzy for an hour. Got blood drawn. Played with my phone for an hour. Got blood drawn again. Read my book for an hour. Got blood drawn again. Drove home feeling so weak that I didn’t even trust myself behind the wheel. Blah. Tried to get a salad but the line was so long at the salad place that I knew I’d faint while waiting, so just went home and ate cottage cheese. Then napped. The test basically threw away the whole day, and my arms are bruised from all the blood tests, BUT it’s for Feez so who cares. I better have passed, though. I figure since I only failed the first test by 5 points it’s pretty unlikely that I have gestational diabetes, right? We’ll see soon.

Anyway, I also had my first ultrasound in the USA and wow wow WOW was it different than the ultrasounds in Mexico. The machine that my doctor in Mexico used might have been from the 1980s and kind of just showed the baby as an amorphous baby blob. This machine showed every detail of Feez’s body, and she measured EVERYTHING. It was amazing to see, honestly. My mom and I (Hus was in Colorado, such a shame he missed this one) had our jaws dropped the whole time. And then, without any warning, at the very end she did the 4D image of his face.


Covering his eyes with his hands. In utero peek-a-boo.

Honestly, had I been asked to have this done I would have said no, but once I saw it I felt overwhelmingly happy. Sometimes it’s hard to believe there’s a real baby in there, and while all these little things (belly growing, stronger movements, ultrasounds) make it feel more tangible, seeing his face gave me this sudden, intense feeling of THIS IS AN ACTUAL BABY! INSIDE OF ME!!

Anyway, the doctor that looked over the ultrasound said everything looked good with Feez which was a relief. They approximated his weight at 3 lbs right now. Then the next day I saw my midwife to review everything. She was very pleased that his head is down. She weighed and measured me to find out I had gained 5 lbs in 2 weeks and my fundal measurement was suddenly 2 weeks ahead. Geez, no wonder my body has been all achy.

I found a really pretty trail close to our house where I have been walking/jogging. It’s surreal because I’m used to running and then sprinting in intervals (2 min run, 1 min spring) and now I mostly walk and occasionally super slow jog for like one block, and yet it feels more intense than my sprinting days.

Despite my daily yoga and other forms of activity plus good quality sleep with my beloved snoogle, my back has been hurting a lot. I went to acupuncture on Sunday in search of some relief. I felt amazing while there and for the rest of the day, but it was back the next day. I wish I could do acupuncture more often because it feels so freaking good. Apparently close to the end, there are special things they can do to help you go into labor, so I want to go semi-consistently until then.

Speaking of back pain, it’s throbbing too much to sit on the computer anymore. Much love!