Another week, another late-taken pic. I actually don’t think I grew much in the past week. Tomorrow I see my midwife though, so she’ll weigh me and measure to know for sure.

Memorial weekend was swelteringly hot but super fun. My sister flew in from Germany for the wedding of one of our best family friends. On Saturday night we all went to the rehearsal dinner downtown. I wore a dress that I found in my closet, which I purchased during college from Urban Outfitters and probably wore all of one time. This picture actually doesn’t do it justice, since the back of it is super cute and the length is perfect. But you get the idea of how awesome I looked (kidding): Image

Then Sunday night was the wedding! I was pretty emotional since Ben is like a brother to me. It continues to blow my mind that he’s married now, I’m pregnant and married, and neither of us is running around the family shore house with underwear on our heads. I wore a dress from Nordstrom junior’s department that I think worked.


I wish I had taken a picture of the back because it’s this awesome low V back. We have a wedding in California this weekend and I plan to wear it again, so I’m trying to keep the posting of this dress on facebook to a minimum, sneaky sneaky me. It should still work this weekend, as that’s only 4 days away and, but I have a feeling that the wedding I have in mid-October will require a different dress as it is dangerously short as is. A few centimeters more on my belly means sacrificing a few more centimeters of length which could mean flashing my granny panties to all.

Actually, my underwear aren’t too granny-style. In fact I’d like to tell you about my underwear as a public service because they are super awesome. I was in need of new ones since Poqueta has a crotch fetish and if she gets a hold of my underwear she basically makes it into crotchless undies. Not a good look, or feeling, especially since we all know pregnancy means hella discharge. So I needed new underwear and I wanted 100% cotton since my doctor warned me that pregnancy also means increased risk of yeast infections and UTIs, which occur more with non-cotton underwear. I had an insanely difficult time at Macy’s finding 100% cotton underwear that weren’t old lady-ish.


THESE ONLY LOOK GOOD ON WAIF MODELS, and even then really? Not so good.

After looking through pairs and pairs like the ones above, I came upon a clearance rack full of Jockey brand Rachel Zoe underwear.


I LOVE THEM. I went to like three different Macy’s stores and cleaned them out, as each pair was only $4. They are cotton but cut in a cute, flattering way that doesn’t make me feel obese nor 90 years old. I also like the patterns, though mostly just the solid colors were left on the clearance racks.

I love these underwear so much that I created a new system for my dirty laundry that prevents Poqueta from perving out with them. No way is she making these crotchless.

In other news, we got our first big baby purchase! A brand new, in the box, never used BOB stroller off of Craigslist: Image

I really like it. Definitely bigger than some others we looked at, but it collapses really easily and I can pick it up by myself even with this huge belly in the way. I assume post-belly it should be easier. Maybe not with a baby crying though. Ah well. Now we are scouring Craigslist for a compatible car seat, which shouldn’t be hard since pretty much all car seats are compatible if we get the right adapter.

Still haven’t heard back on the results of my 3 hr glucose test, but I assume that no news is good news and will get the official word tomorrow. If I had gestational diabetes I’m assuming the midwives would have called me a bajillion times. Thank goodness because my sister brought me 5 bars of my favorite chocolate from Germany and I’ve already put a significant dent in the stash: Image

Mmmm… you need this in your life. I thought they didn’t sell this flavor in the states, but I actually randomly saw it at the independent movie theater by our house yesterday when we went as a family (to get out of the humidity and rain storms) to see Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine. This is an extremely well done, though highly depressing film. You will laugh yet also leave the theater feeling profoundly sad. Consider yourself warned.

I went buck wild putting books about natural childbirth and/or prenatal yoga on hold at the local library. I will go through all the titles in my next post, since they have covered the spectrum of helpful and interesting to totally batshit crazy.

I’ll enter my 31st week of pregnancy in California, and my 32nd week in Chicago. Not sure if I’ll be able to take belly pictures or post, but I will try to do both.

October will be THE MONTH OF PREPARATION. Mostly for Feez, but also preparing to launch our business which we have been working on relentlessly and is in the final stages. Yikes. Hus and I decided I’ll focus mostly on baby stuff in October as opposed to the business, since I’m 100% sure that’s where my mind will be.

I’ll get our half-assed nursery together (we’re keeping it very minimal since we’re living with my parents right now but certainly don’t plan to be here forever. I have been reading Montessori from the Start: The Child at Home, from Birth to Age Three for help with this.), take natural childbirth classes with Hus, take a breastfeeding class and have a co-ed baby shower. Oh and maybe have a baby?! I’d really really REALLY like to have the baby in October, preferably October 28th. Just putting that out there, universe!

Okay. My sister just made dinner so I should eat it. I’m a little apprehensive because she made swordfish and, of course, it’s one of those do-not-eat-when-pregnant fishes. High mercury, apparently. Blah. I’ll probably have some anyway. Feez just kicked me like crazy. Still is. Either he is hungry or still reacting to the chocolate I recently ate. Can’t wait to see what these hard little feet look like.