I hope this doesn’t devastate you too much, but there will be no legitimate belly pic for 31 weeks. I know. There was just no way it could happen on our trip to California. We spent two nights in the Mission district of SF with our friends Jackie and Steve and their adorable 15 month old daughter, Lydia. Hus and I babysat her for a day while Jackie worked, and I think this experience gave us false confidence as parents because Lydia is just too freaking easy. She napped in her stroller for almost 2 hours while we took a leisurely walk around the city, and when she woke up she didn’t even freak out at the fact that she was basically with two strangers (we hadn’t seen her since she was 6 weeks old!). She just wanted to get up (she pointed up and said “up up up”) be held (threw her arms around my neck) and then used sign language to tell us what she wanted (water and food). She didn’t cry once the entire day. We were like umm… let’s just take this baby!

Jackie and Steven had their friends come to their apartment for the weekend to take care of Lydia for the weekend, and we all spent two nights in Sonoma with a big group of friends to celebrate the wedding of Jessica and Mikey. The pic from that wedding will count as belly pic:


I think the fact that I was the only person not drinking at the wedding gave me the super human ability to stay up way later than anyone else. Not only did I dance the entire night, I was up until 2:00AM when most people had gone to bed by 12:30. There were three separate women with itty bitty baby boys (1 to 3 months old) at the wedding and it was fun to chat with them, hear their birth stories and then watch them on the dance floor with their babies in slings.

After the wedding weekend, Hus and I spent two more nights in our old neighborhood of Oakland with Adam and Ashley. We didn’t do much, as we were exhausted from the wedding and Ashley was sick, but we ate a lot of delicious food and I got to go to one of Ashley’s yoga classes which was, of course, amazing.

Our last night in the Bay was spent at Jackie and Steve’s again for an impromptu baby shower with our California friends. We ate Patxi’s pizza and got lots of awesome books for baby Feez. Oh and an amazing onesie from Jeni that says “HECHO EN MEXICO”  (made in Mexico) which couldn’t be more appropriate.


Lia, Tracy, Tim & me – the only pic taken at the shower, and for some reason everyone has creepy eyes except me.

And just like that, now I’m technically 32 weeks and in Chicago with Husein’s family! We are having a BBQ here at the house tomorrow evening to see as many friends and family as possible here, since it will probably be awhile before we are back.

My body has been feeling pretty good actually. I’ve been drinking this tea daily:


And doing some type of yoga each day, be it 15 minutes of stretching or a full blown hour long session. I’m finally really into Stephanie Snyder’s prenatal classes on YogaGlo. They are just my speed now. Also trying to walk as much as possible. My biggest downfall right now is SUGAR. I want it… all the time. Especially the ice cream or baked good variety. My biggest obsession right now is gluten free chocolate chip cookies. I found the best one of my life at Arizmendi in San Francisco. It was called the Cowgirl Cookie and someone even wrote a blog post about them because they are THAT good. All I want to do in life is eat Cowgirl Cookies and drink Iced Decaf Lattes. I think I could bake this cookie if I tried. Image

Trying to figure out the ingredients from this picture. I think it is: oats, brown rice flour, sugar, butter, walnuts, dark chocolate, raisins, eggs, __________, salt, ____________. I am missing two ingredients because the picture is too blurry. I will get to the bottom of this.

Anyway, lots to do to prepare for the BBQ tomorrow so I should go. Much love.