Poor quality picture, complete with blowing smoke/kiss/eating lemon face. Can’t explain. I just feel more and more ridiculous each week wearing this outfit so I needed an expression to match. Also, misleading picture because it was taken late and not exactly at 32 weeks but I promise by next picture we’ll be honest again. No more jet setting for this belly from now on. We are in official nesting mode here in Philadelphia. The weather has just turned slightly chilly, and after a year of endless summer and sweat in Mexico, to finally feel fall weather is so very welcome. It feels right, preparing for a baby at this time of year.

I’m having weird feelings in possibly my stomach? I don’t even know where my organs are anymore so when there’s a pain, it’s hard to figure out. Anyway, all I’m up for is drinking tea and laying on my left side so I’m going to go ahead and do that tonight. Much love.