All you need to know about this week is…

-I’m eating way too much chocolate…

-Trying to balance this with healthy meals though (my recent lunch of champions = brown rice/quinoa mix, crushed hard boiled egg, goat gouda cheese, avocado, broccoli, tomatoes, tossed with olive oil & whole grain mustard)

-Freezing my ass off. And it’s 70 degrees. THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING. Poor Pokey is REALLY freezing her ass off.

-Just spent $30 on the only decorations I’m getting for the nursery and am SO EXCITED about them!

-Enrolled in a prenatal yoga class here that I really love. I’m the most pregnant one in the class, which is weird. Most women don’t even look pregnant. I actually came in the first class and was sure I was in the wrong place. But I love doing yoga with a community of pregnant women!!! Still loving yogaglo home practice too, though.

-Skin is super broken out in a way that it never has been in my entire life. It’s like tons and tons of little pimples, not red, only visible in certain light. Maybe it’s irritation from the cold? But it’s in that hormonal-acne spot (jawline, sides of mouth, below mouth) so I think it’s hormone related. THANKS PREGNANCY.

-Okay really can’t complain about my pregnancy because I actually feel pretty great. Except for the temptation that is online shopping. And the fact that I just looked at Athleta catalog and am way too into over-priced yoga clothes. Never going to buy anything from there but ohhh how I want to.

-I also want a prenatal massage… NOW!!!!!!!

Late for yoga…bye!!!