Here are pictures from my 36th week of pregnancy. On Thursday Feez will be considered full term!


I don’t think I look any bigger, but my belly has dropped even lower and I’m feeling it for sure. I didn’t think my bladder could get even more crushed but it somehow is. Nesting instinct is in full swing. I was up at 5:30AM today doing laundry, ripping tags off of baby clothes and hanging pictures in the nursery. I actually have a lot of energy throughout the day, mostly fueled by the anxiety of “omg the baby could be here real soon.” And then I realize he could be here soon, or I could be pregnant for another 5 weeks. A terrifying thought.

I see my midwife on Friday and hopefully she’ll have some insight into when this boy will appear.

Sunday was our baby shower and it couldn’t have been more awesome. 99% of the important people in my life were there (Manda was missing, as she lives in Germany) and everyone seemed very relaxed aka they weren’t forced into awkward games. I did force most guests to participate in my onesie making activity but I think people enjoyed it and now Feez has some HELLA CUTE handmade onesies to sport. And by sport I mean to spit up/poop on of course.

Braxton Hicks are now coming on constantly. I haven’t timed them but it seems like every 5-10 minutes at night, more spread apart during the day. They aren’t uncomfortable at all, just funny feeling. I am already humbled by my uterus’s strength.

My hospital suitcase is more or less packed. Our car seat came in the mail today. I think this whole thing might really happen.

Sleep is getting trickier so I should go work on that as it’s past my bedtime.