Haven’t posted the 38 weeks picture (I like to post at the end of each week. Ok it wasn’t really intentional. I mostly just forget to do it until I’m almost at the beginning of the next week and realize oh shit I need to do a picture before this week of pregnancy is gone forever. Ah, procrastination. Story of my life.) but I’ll get on that later tonight or tomorrow. Wanted to share some pictures with you in the meantime though:


Some of the onesies from the shower! My craft project was a big success, if I may say so myself. Rather than having a million boring white onesies, each one is now a special work of art that will remind me of my family and friends. I washed them and there were a few casualties – appliques that weren’t ironed on very well – but nothing more ironing and a little sewing couldn’t fix.


New to the nursery: A glider from my aunt!! I LOVE IT! So comfy and looks perfect in the room. Unfortunately I don’t have a glider ottoman to match, but I’m making a cover for a little non-gliding ottoman we have that will work just fine.

Also new is the rocker for our moses basket, which is actually a weird story. I was at a baby consignment shop in Mt. Airy with my girl Kari and her daughter, and the basket rocker caught my eye. We had been planning to put our basket on a piano bench and attach it with bungee cords which sounds like the biggest safety hazard and eyesore ever. Also, piano benches don’t rock. It was a bad plan. This rocker looked awesome, so after looking up some online and deciding the consignment price of $25 was a good deal, I scooped it up. I tried to put it in my car but it didn’t fit so I quickly ran down the street with it above my head towards Kari’s Subaru to throw it in her trunk. That’s when this guy yells out to me “Hey, you bought our rocker!!! Cool!!” so I turned around and said guy goes, “Woah, Carly?” and I said “Julius!!!” — it was my friend and old co-worker who I hadn’t seen in 4 years! I knew he had had a little 18 month old from Facebook, hence retiring the rocker. HIs apartment happens to be right above the consignment shop so I went up and met his little boy and we caught up. Good times.

Let’s see, what else is up? Oh, I bought Feez a special gift for his birthday! It was a little pricey so shh, don’t tell Hus 🙂 See, before I was born my mom bought me this stuffed dog named Mr. Boodles. There is actually a picture of Mr. Boodles in the nursery:


Me and Mr. Boodles on the right, my sister Amanda and Oatie on the left. My sister was the funniest looking baby ever. Adorable too of course, but look at those skinny legs. They haven’t changed either. See? Image

Aw, Manda. Meanwhile I’ll forever be the shorter and, um, thicker? one.

Anyway, Mr. Boodles was my #1 possession throughout childhood and I think it’s because I literally had him since birth. I loved him so much. We were never apart. Unfortunately, I have no idea where he is today because he got lost in the abyss of our neighbor’s house when I was in elementary school and I still get teary-eyed thinking about his disappearance. I’m still convinced that my childhood enemy Sean stole Mr. Boodles because he knew how much I loved him. 😦 RIP Mr. Boodles.

My mom still doesn’t remember how Mr. Boodles got his awesome name. Clearly I couldn’t have named him since I was a little baby. We suspect it was my Aunt Becky since she always thinks of crazy names for things, i.e. she always calls Hus “Detective Cous Cous.”

I decided I wanted to give my son a stuffed animal dog too. So I ordered this:


Love. He’ll come in the mail soon. His official name (he is a blabla doll by the way, I guess they are kind of a big deal aka pricey) is Licorice but I think I’ll ask Aunt Becky if she has any better ideas. Or maybe I’ll recycle the name Mr. Boodles.

Right now I am rolling and bouncing around on an exercise ball, listening to my labor playlist to make sure the songs are all calming enough, and trying to visualize Feez getting into a better position. That little rascal had been in an ideal posish (“What’s your fav posish?” Tenacious D 4 life!) for the entire 3rd trimester… until now. He has decided to be posterior-ish and seems to like it there. At least I think he’s still posterior. To be honest the more I feel my belly the more confused I become. I need to stop trying to figure out what is where, though it’s hard to avoid temptation when I’m constantly getting jabs and pokes in new places. It kinda feels like his butt is in the top center right now, hmm or slightly left. I’m actually feeling less kicks so perhaps he has moved anterior again? Blah I don’t know. I shouldn’t analyze. I should just let him do this thing. Back labor apparently sucks but I’ll have nothing to compare it to and childbirth is always painful, so whatever. I’m going to my favorite prenatal yoga class in 30 minutes which will hopefully get him down a bit. We do so many lunges and goddess poses and squats and pelvic, it’s awesome.

The only upside of these anxiety-producing, seemingly never-ending final days/weeks of pregnancy is that I have thrown myself more than ever into the illustrations for my book. Not sure if I mentioned here that I wrote a children’s book about my friend Emily’s life (see her organization’s website and watch the video about here here: Emily’s Entourage) to educate children about Cystic Fibrosis, the genetic disease that Emily has. Image

Those are a few of the drawings. They are iPhone pictures of the drawings so not great quality, but you get the idea. I’ve done about 7 others and have 14 more to go. So I’m about halfway there! I actually need to move faster because Emily wants me to publicize the book at this big event she’s doing on DECEMBER 7th!! Eek. The book doesn’t necessarily need to be 100% done by that date, but we at least want a mock-up of the cover and a few pages for people to preview and hopefully pre-order. Let’s hope Feez likes  sleeping next to me while I draw…

Okay. Off to my yoga class. I’ve been stress eating chocolate chips and peanut butter all day so I feel a little ok a lot blah. Hopefully yoga can balance this ish out.