The end of pregnancy is just weird. For me it has been this bizarre state of limbo, mind tricks and mood swings. Theoretically I’m all about appreciating these final days, but at the same time I can’t deny this constant inner voice asking, “WHEN AM I GOING TO MEET MY SON ALREADY?!!” I will feel super happy in one moment, relishing the fact that I have this time right now to be taking things slow and doing things for myself. Final days of selfishness, right? But then a split second later will feel my heart beating fast, panicking about when exactly this action is going to go down. Even with all the yoga I do, I’m not actually that in tune with my body. I’ve been trying to be extra plugged in to any new sensations, but it’s hard to pinpoint things. All I know is that, for the first time in this entire pregnancy, I am uncomfortable. I had been walking 4-5 miles a day no problem, but now I really can’t. There’s shooting pain in my legs and hips. Throbbing in my lower back. Random cramping in my lower pelvis. And some other unmentionable things that I’m grouchy about. I’m trying to take all these as reassuring signs of impending labor, but then I consider the fact that I may go weeks past my due date with this discomfort and I want to cry a little. Then I tell myself need to be less of a baby if I really expect to get through natural childbirth, as I’m sure THIS discomfort doesn’t compare. I ain’t seen nothin yet.

Anyway! The good news is that baby is in a great position, according to my midwife. I can also tell that he is moving around MUCH less in these past few days, which is apparently a good sign. I’ve stopped worrying about where he is and poking my belly constantly with curiosity. I think he appreciates being left alone.

Oh and this morning I was perusing craigslist and found the high chair Hus and I have been lusting after! And it’s blue just like this one:


I wrote to the guy and he got back to me immediately, so I went and picked it up. Included was a striped white and blue cushion, but not the plastic baby set part so I’ll have to buy that. I’ll find that on craigslist too I’m sure. Man, I heart craigslist. I wasn’t expecting to get a high chair so soon, but I’m relieved to have it taken care of. My baby cousin Hailey will now have a seat for Thanksgiving!

Also, my friend Iliza sent me 8 cloth diapers which means I think I finally have enough to really start cloth diapering when the baby is big enough! I have between 20 and 24 now (need to count and see exactly). They are all Kawaii or BumGenius brand and seem totally awesome. They are an array of colors and prints. I also got the Charlie’s detergent for laundering that my friend Kari recommended. Bring on the laundry.

Have you guys heard of the “Earth Mama Angel Baby” products? Because they are amazing. Well I just got this one healing balm, but it is rocking my world so much that I’m pretty sure I should order their whole line of stuff. Word on the street is that even Target sells their stuff which is awesome, because I thought it would only be at small, boutiquey joints, since that’s where I found the one balm I have. Image

THIS would be a baller gift for a new mom, I must say. Too bad the Earth Mama website says it’s out of stock so I can’t subtly email the link to my family and friends. LAME.

Stuff I should be grateful for:

No swelling. There was one day where my wedding band didn’t fit and I got scared, but now I’m back to normal sized everything. My acupuncturist even commented on how miraculously unswollen my feet are for a super pregnant lady.

No stretch marks. Granted, they might appear after the fact (I’ve heard that’s a thing) and that’s okay. And my bellybutton piercing itself is probably going to resemble a stretch mark forever. But no legit stretch marks.

Husein. He bought me a prenatal massage and it was amazing. I fell asleep for part of it because I was so relaxed. It was more gentle than my usual massage preference – typically I like PAINFUL massages – but I’m pretty sure painful massage isn’t okay during pregnancy. She really focused on what was aching the most, primarily hips and lower back, and the pain went away for about 24 hours. Hey, I’ll take it.

Poqueta. I have the best dog ever. I found out at the vet that she has a tick disease called Erlichia which can be super bad, even fatal, so I need to give her antibiotics every day for the next month. I’m grateful that the doctor figured this out (she has been asymptomatic, I just took her for a well visit) and I’m also grateful that Pokey strangely likes the taste of the medicine, so it hasn’t been hard to inject it into her little mouth.

Chelsea Peretti. I talked to my sister (who lives in Germany) the other night and she’s always recommending funny podcasts of different comedians. She listens to hours and hours of podcasts while she works construction so she knows what’s up. Chelsea Peretti has this super ridiculous call-in style podcast that cracks me up. Probably not for everyone but it’s free and makes me laugh, for real. Her stand-up comedy is a riot, too. She has a part on that new show that I feel lukewarm about, Brooklyn 9-9. Eh. I hate all television though, so my opinion can’t be trusted. Only current TV shows worth watching in Carly’s opinion: Parenthood, New Girl, Mindy Project. Parks & Rec goes on my list too but I actually prefer the old episodes. The new ones aren’t as funny but I watch out of loyalty to my homiez.

My parents. My mom is a near perfect human. She improves the quality of my life ten fold on a daily basis. My father is… well, far from perfect, but has a heart of gold and would do anything for me as long as I give him step-by-step illustrated instructions on how to do it. Let’s just say they are going to be amazing grandparents.

Water. I fucking love hydration.

That’s all I got. I wonder how much more blog rambling I’ll need to do before this baby comes.