…and there’s no way this baby is coming tomorrow. So, yeah. My mom is banking on this Friday, November 8th, because our family has a little birthday thing going with the number 8. My mom is March 8th, sister is September 8th (so they have each others half birthdays as their birthday), I’m June 28th and my dad’s bday is in the 8th month: August. August 12th I think. And Husein is November 16th so… 8×2? Haha ok that’s pushing it I know. Honestly I don’t see this baby being born in two days but I also don’t see him being born in the next two weeks and I guess that’s inevitable. I guess the whole thing is just hard to wrap my head around.

So I’ve been walking this 4.5 mile loop nearly every day these past few months. In September I was doing the loop in 40 minutes, with intermittent jogging. Then by October it was up to an hour, fast-walking. Today? Over an hour and a half. I was seriously hobbling much like an old woman. In fact an actual old woman walked quickly by me at one point.

Ps – walking doesn’t induce labor.

I have an acupuncture appointment today and I’m going to tell her to have no mercy on me.

I have a deep desire to get bangs right now. Logically, this isn’t logical. Bangs are NOT a low-maintenance hairstyle. I’m about to have a newborn. Most new moms cut all their hair off. They do not cut their hair in a way that requires more styling time. BUT I REALLY WANT BANGS.

(3 minutes later…)

Ok might have just talked myself out of bangs. I tried to do that thing where you bunch your hair up on top of your head and hold the ends on your forehead to look like bangs.

Um. It looked bad:


Guess I’ll just stick with my zero style look:


Until the day comes that I can’t brush through without ripping it out and then chop it all off. This is my life pattern. I hate my hair.

OKAY I need to work on my illustration for the day so I feel slightly productive. MUCH LOVE!!!!