Today is 40 weeks! AKA my due date. But in my late fashion here are the 39 week pics:



terrified eyes at the bare belly

I got my first stretch marks the day before my due date! They are right above my belly button and I will not be sharing a picture because that involves a horrific close-up of said belly button. Be grateful I spared you (sorry Kari for the pic I messaged you to verify that they are, in fact, stretch marks).

Yesterday during acupuncture I genuinely thought I was going into labor. ACUPUNCTURE IS LEGIT, people. She put the needles in and I started getting INTENSE contractions. They weren’t Braxton-Hicks because they were painful, like menstrual cramps, and came in regular intervals. It was my first time not sleeping during acupuncture because they took all of my focus to breath through and stay calm and comfortable. But then I got up, walked down the street to the Nesting House, ate a free lactation cookie there, drank some water, and they stopped. Weird, huh? And back to normal BHs today.

Ok I need to go find cheap sweatpants at Target and see my midwife. PEACE OUT!