It’s funny that throughout my whole life I’ve noticed the insanely disproportional amount of mid-November birthdays that exist among people I know. Facebook has only helped to confirm my suspicions about this, because looking at the amount of friends that have birthdays in this next week or so is mind-boggling. Every single day this week has a minimum of 2, maximum of 6 birthdays. If I knew anything about math and statistics I could perhaps use the number of days in the year and number of friends I have to truly prove how THIS IS A LOT OF BIRTHDAYS ALL AT ONCE but I suck at math so let’s just take the observation for what it is.

I actually remember first noticing this trend in high school and then counting nine months backwards in attempt to understand this phenomenon. Sure enough good old Valentine’s Day is exactly 9 months prior. I seriously remember my mature high school self giggling at this realization, and feeling silly telling my friend Iliza (whose birthday is November 14th, aka EXACTLY 9 months after V-day) when she was conceived. Ugh I was such a dork.

Anyway, this just makes the fact that our own baby was conceived on that day even more hilarious. Valentine’s Day was never even one of the holidays that Hus and I took seriously in the 6 years of our relationship. Maybe we’d use it as an excuse to go out to dinner rather than cook at home, but there were never any special presents, chocolates, flowers, teddy bears or balloons. I’ve always considered it to be a lame Hallmark-created holiday and we agreed from the get-go to not care about it. The only memorable Valentine’s Day I can even think of was when we were living in Oakland and went to a this awesome performance called “Fuck Valentine’s Day” where these renegade comedians performed love-hating bits in the back of a bar. There was a lot of audience participation as well, which both Hus and I volunteered for. I wrote down a really funny/embarrassing sex story on a piece of paper and the comedians acted it out and Hus was in the male pole-dancing competition. THAT was a great Valentine’s Day.

Aside from conceiving our son, we followed our typical pattern this year of doing nothing memorable. Under doctor’s orders, we had sex at exactly 8PM on February 14th, I lounged with my legs up against the wall for 30 minutes, and then we went to Tacos on the Street for our favorite cheap Sayulita tacos. Doesn’t sound romantic but it strangely was by sheer fact of knowing we might have made a baby that night.