I’ve had my phone on airplane mode most of the day because I just didn’t feel like answering texts and calls regarding the baby. Hus said this kind of makes me a bitch and that I should appreciate people thinking of me, but whatever. I did write back eventually when I turned my phone on later in the day, mind you, but I really don’t need to be fielding this communication in real time. I actually do appreciate people thinking of me but I’m trying to keep distracted and in a happy place which is hard to do when I’m constantly having to write “nope still no baby” to people. Feel me?

The truth is I’m feeling GREAT!! I guess I’ve adjusted to the extreme discomfort I was feeling just days ago and now my body feels okay. Still hobbling around a bit and have lower back ache, but no big deal. I made a hair appointment for 3:30 on Tuesday at this fancy hair salon and that will be my little “treat yo self” if the baby isn’t here. Still feeling like I want bangs but I might chicken out and stick with layers. Either way they’ll blow dry it and make me feel like a movie star for a hot minute.

I can’t get a good angle to see but there may or may not be a few more stretch marks underneath my belly button. Gotta love it.

Almost done my book! Only 6 drawings left! The later the baby is, the more productive I am in effort to distract myself. Might even finish the book if the baby makes me wait another week (TERRIFYING THOUGHT THOUGH, AHHH).

He continues to flip from ROA to LOA (right-occipital-anterior to left-occipital-anterior). LOA is apparently ideal and ROA not so much, but I’m not stressing because obviously he can go between the two with no issue. When he is in LOA I try to do more squats and walking and stuff, but that doesn’t seem to be helping him fully engage. Pretty sure he’s going to do what he’s going to do regardless of what I do. That will probably be the story of my life as a parent, huh.

I want delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in my mouth right now. But instead I’ll eat trout because that’s what we’re having for dinner tonight. That should be good too.