I’m really wishing that I felt more motivated to illustrate today. I had been on a mother f-ing roll for days and days up until now. But then instead of illustrating today, what did I do? I took a 4.5 mile elderly woman hobbling walk. I drank a yummy decaf latte. I scheduled my non-stress test for Thurday (womp womp). I poked my belly because baby has been on my right instead of my left for two days now and I’d like him to shift. I bought new dog food for Princess Pocahontas. I replenished my bottle of argan oil, aka best moisturizer ever, from Whole Foods. I also bought pineapple while there and felt really pathetic being that overdue huge pregnant girl clinging naively to her pineapple. Yeah right it will induce my labor. Then I thought about my hair appointment for tomorrow! To bang or not to bang, that is the questions? I had forgotten that I actually had the bangs of my dreams briefly three years ago. See pictures:ImageImage

I loved these bangs but no one ever knew I had them because my skin immediately reacted to some product the stylist put on my hair and my forehead got 100s of tiny little bumps (pimples maybe?  But it was more rash-like) that forced me to clip the bangs back for weeks to let my skin breathe and heal. By the time I let my hair down again they had grown out to an awkward length that forced me to side sweep them.

A tragic bang tale. I know.

But I think tomorrow I’ll give them another chance. I’ll make sure to ask the stylist for no product, even if that means my hair will look less like a movie star’s.

And now instead of illustrating I’m taking a nap. Tomorrow is 11/12/13 which would have been a sweet birthday for a certain baby boy but he doesn’t seem to be on his way. Sigh. Maybe he wants to share a birthday with his daddy this Saturday? Who knows – crazy kid!!!!