A few things before I head out to Babies R Us. First outing with Feez, aside from trips to the doctor. Eek.

1. Losing 20 lbs in one week does in fact feel as amazing as it sounds.

2. BACK SLEEPING IS BACK and it feels so so good.

3. Nipple soft shells have saved my nipples. I highly recommend these if your nipples hurt from breastfeeding. Warning: will make it look like you have robot boobs. Don’t care. I’m wearing them in public.

4. Just remembered an important part of the birth story I need to add in. While I was holding Hafiz for the first time I told the midwife, “He smells amazing!! How can something smell so good that came out of my vagina? My vagina does NOT smell like this.” She laughed a lot.

5. These post-pregnancy hormones are no joke. I cry 30 minutes a day for absolutely no reason. Mostly I cry over my changing relationship with Pokey. I swear she looks at me differently now.

6. I have been taking my encapsulated placenta pills. Maybe if I didn’t I’d be crying even more? Ha ha, who knows what they are doing for me but physically I do feel almost completely back to normal. Maybe they’ve helped.

7. Lactation cookies have replaced actual meals since I rarely have time to prepare real food during the day.

8. My goal of the day today was to shower. Goal not accomplished. Must set less ambitious goals.

9. Really surreal to look at Hafiz’s 3D ultrasound pics now. They do actually look like him.

10. I wish Husein had boobs and could feed the kid.

11. HAFIZ NEEDS A PACIFIER. Trying to hold out until he is a month old since the lactation consultant said he should “waste his sucking energy at my breast” for now to keep up supply. He has a clear oral fixation. I was able to keep him quiet at the pediatrician for nearly an hour by putting my pinky in his mouth.

12. I miss yoga. Do I really need to wait until 6 weeks post-partum to do gentle yoga? I say no. However, will I be able to find the time in the day to do yoga is the better question.

Okay hopefully going to go nurse the kid before heading out on the adventure to Babies R Us. Here are some glamour shots in the meantime.