Today is Hafiz’s 2 week birthday!

We celebrated with a pediatrician’s appointment. WOOOHOOO. Husein couldn’t come because his coffee roaster was delivered and installed today, so Feez and I braved the rainy cold on our own this morning. Feez now weighs 8 lbs 3 oz, meaning he is gaining weight splendidly. This news makes the nipple pain worth it.

We even went to Target afterwards so I could buy the following important things: gel pad soothie things for my nipples (I now own every nipple-soothing product on the market, I think), Avent pacifiers (!!!), liquid Trivisol vitamins and coconut water as a treat for me. Hafiz was sleeping soundly when I arrived, so I bought a tall pumpkin spice latte – I’m a fan of that Target-Starbucks partnership by the way – and pushed him around while sipping it to make the whole experience more leisurely.

Best part of Target was this:

Friendly lady pushing old man in wheelchair past me: WHOA! THAT’S A TEENY BABY!

Me: Yep!

Friendly lady: How old is he?

Me: 2 weeks.


Me: Haha, yep, I’m okay actually.

FL: You should be wearing a girdle. Not that you need it because you fat – you are definitely thin, don’t get me wrong, you could be wearing a bikini right now – but a girdle just makes you feel like everything is together. Try it!

Me: Thanks for the tip.

FL: And what’s the little guy’s name?

Me: Hafiz.

FL: HAFIZ?! You go girl! That’s a STRONG name! I like that! Hafiz, Ha-feeez!!! Yeah!!

And now some pictures:


Hus made this vertical turtle onesie for him at the baby shower.


I LOVE THESE CHEEKS!!!!! I also love him when he’s sleeping.


Tummy time. He has a seriously strong neck.


Looking at himself on his Montessori floor bed.