I was just cleaning off the desktop of my computer and saw the file “hospital suitcase.” I realized it might be helpful to my future self or someone else to look at what was useful or useless in my suitcase. Here is the list and I’ll write my comment about each thing in bold.

for baby:

-scratch mittens We used this to keep his hands warm when we left the hospital, but he never had a problem with face scratching so we didn’t use these in the hospital. 

-first outfits in diff sizes + hat Yup. The newborn clothes were the perfect size for Hafiz. 

-receiving blanket Threw this over him in his car seat when we left since it was freezing cold. 

-newborn diapers Not necessary since the hospital provided more than enough. 

-wipes Not necessary since the hospital provided them. I knew they would but someone had told me the hospital ones were awful quality and couldn’t battle those sticky first baby poops. I found the quality of the hospital ones to be fine though. 

-car seat Necessary if you would like to leave the hospital with your baby, just sayin’. 


Getting ready to the hospital with Hafiz!


-bra (stretchy, like a sports bra) Yup, for nursing in the hospital. Could be a nursing bra, too. 

-granny underwear Not necessary because the hospital gives big mesh grandma ones and they inevitably get covered with blood. 

-throwaway nightgown None of the clothes I brought got destroyed. Even the shirt I labored in, which got bloody, is now clean. So nothing needs to really be “throwaway.” 

-unimportant loose sweat pants I loved having these because I didn’t want to rock the hospital gown my whole stay there. These sweat pants are huge, particularly in the crotch, and were perfect to wear in the hospital. Also helped that they are navy blue because blood was definitely leaking through my granny undies and 20 million maxi pads. 

-outfit to go home Yes, bring this. 

-socks (slipper type ones to wear in hospital) Not necessary, hospital gives you multiple nice ones. 


-slippers Yes, I loved having my slippers. The socks they gave me had rubber grips on the bottom but I was super shaky and having my slippers (which are mocassins w/ rubber soles) to wear made those first walks around the hospital easier. 

-flip flops for the shower Didn’t use these. Didn’t get in the shower at the hospital. Just sponged off. I’m gross I know. But I took a shower at 3PM on Tuesday and left the hospital Thursday morning so… I wanted to wait until I got home anyway. Showers at home are much more relaxing. 

-overnight pads w/ wings Not necessary for the suitcase, since the hospital provides them. But definitely necessary to have waiting for you at home. 


-lansinoh YES, using this before you even think you need it after breastfeeding helps prevent future crackage. 

-towel Not necessary. I didn’t shower but even if I did the hospital provided towels. 

-pillow w/ non-white case YES the hospital pillows were whack. 



-baby book thing to write in (who knows if you’ll use this, but it’s small) Had no time to write in this, but maybe if my hospital stay had been longer I would have so I would still bring this to potentially jot down first memories. I wrote it in this a lot once back at home. 

-lavender essential oil and/or lotion Didn’t have time to use this during labor but I liked having it in my recovery room to give the room a non-hospital smell. 

-fake candles No. We didn’t end up getting these and our hospital had lights that dimmed so fake candles really weren’t necessary anyway. Also, with the rapid pace of my labor there’s zero chance we would have had time to place fake candles around. That would have been ridiculous. 


-lara bars/granola bars/beef jerky I bought these thinking they would be snacks during labor for me or Husein, but ended up eating them all after labor since the hospital food was pretty gross. I would bring these again, perhaps even more. 


-coconut water YES!!!!!!! I think this is my #1 recommended item for the hospital suitcase, assuming you like coconut water. I was so incredibly dehydrated after labor and then continued to be while starting to breastfeed in the hospital, so I was hitting the liquids hard. Lots of water and coconut water saved me. Hus brought me cups of ice and I just poured in the coconut water and sipped constantly. I felt REJUVENATED. Ahh I love coconut water. Oh how I miss Sayulita and drinking real coconut water every day… sigh. 

last minute pick you as you leave:

-ipod docking station YES, listening to music was awesome! I wish I had had a private recovery room because I would have loved to listen to music with Hafiz those first two nights as well. 

-phone charger Yes. 


-toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, cetaphil bar soap, argan oil, almond oil (throw it into a  travel case) These are all my toiletries and of course they were necessary.