Hafiz is getting CHUBBY! My favorite striped monster PJs that I basically put him in every other day are suddenly fitting much smaller. At first I was like, did these bad boys shrink? But no. As evidenced also by his squishier cheeks, kid is getting chubby. We don’t have a pediatrician’s appointment until he is 8 weeks and needs hella vaccinations, so I’ll hold him on our house scale to figure out his weight in the meantime.

These are the lactation cookies I make constantly and they are insanely yummy. They are gluten-free since I do my best to avoid gluten (though it hasn’t been happening recently with the excessive stuffing leftovers in our fridge and their undeniable yumminess) and contain a scary/awesome amount of butter. In addition to the dark chocolate chips I usually throw in golden raisins and walnuts. And about 4x the recommended cinnamon. I actually don’t measure anything now but they are always delicious because of all the butter.

Hafiz had his first bath last night! Did I mention he finally lost his umbilical cord stump on Thanksgiving? So now we can see his cute little belly button and give him actual baths, which he much prefers to the sponge ones which were way too freezing. He was skeptical of this bath business at first, but then got real relaxed and chilled out.




Mmm, gonna try to lick this water up.


Hey dad, this feels pretty good. And thanks for covering my crotch for the camera.

Man, naked babies are THE BEST!!! Why was Feez not born in the summer so he could just be naked 99% of the time? Why are we not still living in Sayulita? Why does breastfeeding suck so much more in the winter? These questions and more haunt me at night.

I am looking forward to my 6 week post-partum appointment on December 23rd because I scheduled it with the midwife who delivered Hafiz, Sandra! Also, after my 6 week appointment and the midwife’s okay on exercise I can start going to the Yoga Babies class at my studio. In fact, I decided this is the only Christmas present I’m asking for because yoga is super expensive. Ever since I did the new student unlimited for $50/month – which is an amazing deal, but can only be done once – the classes are like $16 a pop. I think if you buy 10 classes or whatever the price goes down marginally, so maybe that’s what Hus or my parents can buy me for Christmas.

Physically, I could clearly be working out right now. While I’m still bleeding, it’s not scary amounts like it once was and I have zero tenderness or pain. I’m feeling a little discouraged because at first my belly was getting visibly smaller by the day but now it’s kind of plateaued in a place I’m not really wanting to be the whole rest of my life. I can’t even tell if it’s skin or uterus or extra fat or what’s going on down there. I guess in this respect I’m happy I did have a winter baby because at least no one is expecting me to rock a bathing suit. There’s time to go easy on myself. I fit into all my old clothes, jeans included, so it’s not like that is an issue, though I can’t wear most of my favorite sweaters because of nursing. I basically only wear tank tops with zip-up hoodies or cardigans. And everything gets covered in breast milk or spit-up immediately so why try to look nice?

I do miss yoga a lot though, as I knew I would. I’ve started taking walks regularly again and really love using the Ergo with the infant insert. The Sakura Bloom sling is perfect most of the time (like right now, Feez is sleeping in it on my chest) but if I’m being really active or taking a long walk, I don’t like how all his weight is on one of my shoulders. It starts to hurt, and he is only 8 lbs. The Ergo is much more comfortable since the weight is distributed like a backpack and the straps are all cushioned.

Okay, speaking of the baby on my chest, he is starting to wriggle around so I think my minutes are numbered. Much love.