My mom is holding the piglet for awhile so I figured I would jot down some quick thoughts from my wildly exciting life right now.

Husein’s roasting facility in the basement passed government inspection today! That means we are officially official and can be an up and running, legitimate business. Husein has roasted 10 batches of coffee already. The house smells amazing when he roasts and the coffee is delicious. Too bad I’m still not drinking caffeine (though I consume so much chocolate I’m sure Feez is getting hella caffeine already). It also sounds like an airplane is about to take off when he’s roasting, but it’s a 5 minute process so won’t be super disruptive to our lives. The baby actually loves the noise and passed out while we roasted last night.

Hafiz had his first “bad” night last night. He wanted to eat like constantly for about 2 hrs straight before going to sleep. UGH. Then I had to bounce him on the ball for 30 minutes. Didn’t fall asleep until 12:45. So then he woke up to eat again at 6AM. That’s a decent stretch of time actually but I was still grouchy getting to sleep that late. Usually he sleeps 10pm-4am then 4:30am-8:30am which I love. Go back to that buddy!!!!!

I decided last night in the midst of his marathon eating that I was going to stop logging every nursing sesh and diaper output. I’ve been writing down everything in this little green notebook for the past 3 weeks, but considering his weight gain and diapers have been consistent and obviously his nursing frequency is no issue, I’ve decided to stop keeping track. It was honestly getting depressing and annoying having to write down just how frequently he’s eating. Don’t need to be reminded that I’m breastfeeding for 8 hrs each day, thank you.

In related news, I EAT TOO MUCH SUGAR. And I absolutely can’t stop. I keep a stash of dark chocolate bars in the little side table next to the glider where I breast feed, and have been averaging a bar every 2 days. My mom keeps replenishing this stash which is awesome slash dangerous. Other forms of sugar I eat on a daily basis: lactation cookies, gluten-free choc chip cookies from trader joe’s, chocolate peanut butter cup gelato. My only consolation is that I never eat these things sitting down as I am usually keeping the baby in motion in a carrier on my chest or rushing to eat quickly while Hus is with him. So I’m burning calories simultaneously, right? I’ve actually read that it’s bad to eat standing up and worse for metabolism buuuut it’s inevitable so whatever. One day I’ll eat healthy again.

Okay something I did do that was healthy was YOGA!!!!! I’m not technically supposed to be exercising yet but this was a special post-natal class on YogaGlo that wasn’t very intense. It was only 20 minutes, but felt so freaking good. Yoga without a huge belly ROCKS. I had totally forgotten what normal yoga was like. I feel so strong and agile now. In fact I kind of had to check myself because I was almost going to bust into a headstand with excitement, then remembered I’m still bleeding and it would probably be unwise. I also have little ab strength and would probably fall over.

I just remembered that I did my first ever handstand in those early weeks of pregnancy. I wonder when I’ll be up for that again.

Ugh I was hiding in the basement but my mom found me to hand me a crying baby. I bounced him in my arms for 30 seconds and he passed out. Why am I the only one that can get him to sleep? This is particularly annoying at night when I want Hus to do it. Is it my smell? Hus should wear a milk-drenched t-shirt of mine next time.

Ok now I’m typing with one hand and Feez in the other.

Hus is at the airport picking up his bro. He’ll be here for three days to see Hafiz. Uncle Shafiq! Then Feez’s Great Aunt Colinda comes next week! That’s when we will decorate for Christmas, which I’m excited about.

Speaking of Christmas, we just bought our plane tickets to go to Missouri on Dec 27th. I need serious advice regarding air travel with  a 6 week old. Eek.

I can’t stop kissing Hafiz.

I’m bringing him to this fancy-ish event tomorrow night, a fundraiser for my friend Emily’s non-profit organization. Not sure how it will go. I plan to wear him in my Sakura Bloom sling and just excuse myself to nurse as needed. He slept brilliantly surrounded by people on Thanksgiving so I hope that holds true tomorrow.

Look at this highly disturbing baby product my friend Nicole brought to my attention.

Is there anything better than a newborn baby sleeping on your chest?

Sorry no pictures today. This single handed business is limiting. I should go.