Weirdly enough, I have a very positive association with Friday the 13th. Hus and I had our Chicago Indian wedding mehndi on a Friday the 13th in April 2012, as well as our huge Chicago baby shower BBQ this past September. Both parties went off without a hitch and no one had any bad luck (our marriage and baby included) so I really can’t believe all the superstition around it. They’ve been lucky days for me, and today can be included in that because hafiz is sleeping like an angel. I was able to do yoga for 20 min and work on my illustrations for an hour and a half! I wish Colinda were always here to hold the baby.

Pumping today, however, not so lucky. Either I’m using the pump incorrectly or the suction cups are the wrong size because I know my breast was full this morning yet zero came out. Good thing my neighbor rents breast pumps. I will go over tomorrow and ask for advice.

My dad just went out to buy a Christmas tree that we are decorating tonight. I’ll have to bust out one of hafiz’s many holiday outfits for the occasion. I am still depressed that I can’t have chocolate. I want to drink peppermint hot chocolate while decorating the tree!

actually asleep yayy hafiz

ANYWAY… now I’m in bed while hafiz gets some time with his grandma and I get time to nap. Or at least try to nap. Better get on this. much love.