I just wrote a long post about must have items for the newborn days and then pressed some button on my keyboard that deleted it. BOOO. I’m not writing it again because now I hear Hafiz waking up. I think they were mostly obvious things anyway (boppy pillow, lansinoh nipple cream, sleep sheep, aden & anais swaddling blankets) with just a few possibly more unique ones (snuggle me cushion, earth mama angel baby bottom balm, cloth wipes). What I should write is a post of what I haven’t needed, because I feel like I have a bunch of things that I’ve found to be unnecessary. I guess some of the stuff might be useful later on though so I shouldn’t speak too soon. 

Anyway, Hafiz is 5 weeks old today! I’ll post a pic soon. He is getting increasingly chubby, I love it! 

Husein and I launched our coffee roasting business this week, Between Friends Roasting Company. This has been over a year in the making, as the idea started back when we were living in Mexico, and it’s crazy that it’s all coming to fruition. Granted, Husein does 99% of the work since I’m on constant baby duty. However, I’m helping with the social media part (of which I know nothing but am learning). 

Shit, Feez is full on crying. Gotta go. Love!