Not sure how that happened. I am excited for our trip to State College, where we always spend Christmas with my aunt, uncle and cousins. My little 2nd cousins will be there (that’s what you call the kids of your cousins, right?) Hailey and Clara! Hailey just turned 2 and Clara is 4 months. Last time I saw Clara over Thanksgiving I couldn’t believe how HUGE she was at only 3 months, but now it makes sense — BABIES GROW FAST YO!! Get this: Hafiz is already 10 POUNDS and 1 oz. That means he gained 2 lbs in 3 weeks, since his 2 week appointment where he was 8 lbs! I told you he was a little chubster! I love his double chin SO MUCH.

double chin

Feeling a little blah today. Not sure why. I took Poqueta to the vet to update her vaccinations because she’s coming on the plane with us to Missouri. So relieved that she is coming because I have trouble being apart from her.

I took Hafiz to his pediatrician yesterday because I thought both of us had thrush (his fussiness during eating, my shooting nipple pain, white on his gums) but apparently we don’t. Instead the pediatrician thinks he has reflux and wants me to stop eating dairy and start him on Zantac. I really really really don’t want him on medicine, so I’m trying the dairy elimination thing first. This is immensely hard for me because I eat the same foods every day and most of them are dairy: yogurt for breakfast, cheese and crackers for lunch, healthy usually dairy free dinner then ice cream for dessert. Today was day one of no dairy and it was hard, but it’s probably actually good to branch out with my food a bit. I get in serious ruts. In reality, I can handle everything besides the no ice cream thing. I eat this chocolate peanut butter gelato (Talenti brand, SO AMAZING) every night and I don’t want to stop! But for you Feez… I’ll do anything. I love you that much.

Oh my goodness, speaking of love. His smiles have been coming out full throttle.


Okay I didn’t really capture it there but I did get a video and there were many more undocumented ones. What made me really happy is that he was smiling a lot after eating today and looking relaxed and cheerful rather than fussy as he has been. I don’t know if it’s possible for this dairy elimination to be working already (?) or if it’s sheer coincidence. We’ll see how things go from here on out. My nipples also feel better. Who knows what was happening there.

Super psyched for this weekend. Tomorrow we get a visit from our friend from California, Eddie, for lunch and then hang with Emily’s family at night. Then Sunday we’ll see Kari and Josh and all head over to our friend Ben’s jewish christmas caroling party that evening. Oh, and Monday morning I have my 6 week postpartum appointment with the midwife that delivered Hafiz! Need to remember to bring her a little gift! Also, I have some serious questions for her regarding what is happening down there…

And on that note, I am going to go eat a really delicious smelling dinner (salmon and polenta). Then I’ll watch Girls which I’ve been catching up on and am enjoying. My whole family finds it really disturbing but I think it’s hilarious and weirdly true to life, reminding me of my days as a 20 year old in NYC. I mean clearly the characters and events are exaggerated but they are capturing a part of the reality with that demographic there.

One more cute pic and I’m out:


He can be a bit of a tough cookie sometimes.