"when all your desires are distilled; you will cast just two votes: to love more, and be happy" -hafiz

Monthly Archives: January 2014

And it’s not bitter cold outside!!! I took pokey on a walk and it was actually pleasant for both of us. The snow and ice is finally melting. Is it spring yet? Ha.

Today I finished laying out 17 of the 24 pages of my book on Photoshop. And I mentioned it to the lady from the philly parenting blog who interviewed us about the business, and she said she would do a post about my book when it was finished! I am officially feeling the motivation to put in the last push to complete this project — which has been over a year in the making.

Okay so get this. Hafiz is suddenly, after a week of having his meals 4 hrs apart, back to every 3 hours. You know what changed? I finished my lactation cookies! Do you think it’s possible that the cookies increased my milk enough to extend time between feedings? It’s an almost to-the-day correlation between me eating the cookies and hafiz’s 4 hr stint. I’ll make more cookies tomorrow to experiment.

Guess who needed new batteries today? Sleep sheep! I don’t know how I predicted it would die on us but it occurred to me last night and then today, batteries dead. Good thing we had AAs on hand.

My infant massage skills have greatly improved since watching the video Lindsey shared on her blog and hafiz is loving the nightly ritual. Also, coconut oil has done wonders for the occasional cradle cap he had before. It’s gone. I also put it behind his ears every day since they were getting dry and bleeding. I should make a coconut- lavender oil blend to use at night since lavender is calming.

Gotta go.. Sorry about the randomness of this post that’s just where I’m at these days. Love!!



•great night sleep leads to bad day sleep, no matter how many sleep books I read say otherwise.

•when you don’t drink for a year, one beer is enough to feel drunk.

•yoga is the best!!!

•my bangs are too long. They are obstructing my vision. Can’t decide if I should trim them or begin the epic journey of growing them out.

•when can hafiz go in our BOB stroller?

•all signs point to San cristobal in Chiapas being a place we need to visit or live. I read into coincidences way too much.

•we have been listening to an inordinate amount of Raffi over here. I sing baby beluga perpetually and am begging hus to be Raffi next Halloween. If he grows a beard and uses a banana as a phone he will be SET.

•I am loving cloth diapers!!!!!!! Shocked by how easy they were to implement. Wishing it were summer and hafiz could wear just a cloth diaper 24/7.

•I’ve been watching the show weeds on netflix. It’s entertaining. I still miss orange is the new black, though.

•whoa speaking of netflix, you have to watch the documentary Blackfish!! I watched it while hus was in San Francisco, since he never agrees to watching a documentary, and it was AMAZING. I haven’t stopped thinking about it. I love documentaries.

•hafiz’s very belated 2 months appointment is on Monday. vaccination time!!!

•speaking of the pediatrician… So he told me to give hafiz these vitamin drops (tri visol I think is the name) but they are so so gross. Hafiz’s eyes got huge when I put them in his mouth and then he choked on it. I tried them and had a similar response.
I don’t want to give them to him every day! Do I really need to? They don’t even have iron and I’ve read that breastmilk lacks iron and that it’s important to supplement. Hmmm. Lots of questions for the pediatrician.

•what batteries does the sleep sheep take? I am so worried that it will die on me. Hafiz loves that thing.

•will I have to use nursing pads forever? When will my boobs stop leaking? Why does Costco not sell nursing pads?!!

Ok someone needs to inform hafiz that it’s time for bed.

I woke up at 6:30am this morning in a panic, boobs leaking and aching.

Why had Hafiz not woken me up at 4 or 5am to eat?!?

Standing at his door, I couldn’t hear his usual heavy breathing. At this point my heart was racing.

So I burst I into his room and poked him. Startled, he gasped.

He was fine. Of course. His mom on the other hand…

Anyway, I went back to sleep and woke up to his little sounds at 7:30am. He was just lying there looking around. Not even crying.

He slept straight from 8:30pm-7:30am. And I think I know why, but would never do it again. Let me explain.

You see, last night after dinner, I wanted to go scan the illustrations for my book and start laying out the pages on Photoshop. So I attempted to make a bottle using some of my frozen breastmilk for Husein to give Hafiz. But things kept gong wrong. Milk was somehow leaking from the bottle into the warm water. So I needed another bag of milk which would stubbornly not melt. The bottle was still leaking (it’s one of those funky adiri boob-shaped ones) and at this point hafiz was shrieking with hunger and exhaustion.

I should have just stayed home and nursed him, as he was clearly agitated and it’s really best to give a bottle when he is calm since it’s not as familiar and comforting as nursing. But I stubbornly wanted to accomplish what I had planned, so I haphazardly finished warming the bottle and left.

I was out for about an hour, and when I got back Hafiz was still crying – but even worse.

Apparently he drank about 5-6 oz and then spit up A LOT and just inconsolably cried. I have no idea if it was the milk, his overtiredness or what. Anyway I nursed him on one side, burping him every few minutes because I was worried about his belly, and eventually he calmed down, relaxed, and went to sleep.

For 11 hours straight.

I’m sure it was from the crying (usually our bedtime is tear free) and extra milk since he both took a bottle and nursed. Though there was a lot of spitting up so I can’t be sure how much he really got. I guess this is similar to dream feeding (waking baby up a few hours after they’ve gone to bed to give them more milk to stay asleep longer) but I’m still not going to ever re-create what happened last night. He sleeps well enough as is.

And then, oh god, this morning when I took off his PJs he had a little thread or hair wrapped so tight around his toe that it had cut the skin and his toe was all red! So maybe that contributed to his discomfort last night? Ugh I feel awful that he slept all night with his toe like that. I’m always worried about that happening too! My fears became reality!

Anyway, the little guy was all smiles this morning – after we saved his toe – so all’s well that ends well. Oh and at least we are all super well rested.


but I’m starting to genuinely miss Hafiz because he sleeps so much.

I think it’s actually in a normal range for babies his age, and he’s definitely not falling asleep easily (both naps today have been in carriers, one in the Ergo with Husein and one in the Moby with me, some tears prior to both) but all of a sudden his naps are LONG and his meals are super spaced out. The past four days have been somewhat like this: 

8:30 eat

9:30-12:30 sleep

12:30 – eat

2:30-5:30 sleep

5:30 eat and 7:00 nurse a little

between 7:30-9:00 fall asleep for that night

5:30ish in the morning – eat

6:00-8:00 sleep

and over and over again. 

Hmm that’s 16 hrs of sleep in 24 hrs, which is right on target according to this sleep chart http://www.mybabysleepguide.com/2013/02/average-sleep-charts-by-age.html but it feels like a lot more sleep than his prior schedule of 2.5 hrs between eating and 4 naps a day. Of course, that sleep chart says he should be taking 4 naps a day, and right now he’s only taking two 3 hr ones. But I don’t really care what the chart says if this is what Hafiz decides to stick to because getting him to fall asleep for two naps is MUCH better than four!!!!

Wow if he slept independently for his naps I would basically be living the dream.

I’m sure there is a zero percent chance that this schedule will stick since growth spurts, teething and new developmental stages abound in our future… but if this could at least be our schedule every so often from here on out I would be pleased.

Check this out. Hafiz got a huge KNOT in his hair!! Which made me realize I have never once brushed it. It never even occurred to me . But he does have significant hair on his head, especially in the back. I feel that a mullet is in his future. Anyway, I had to cut that bad boy out. And now I’m in the market for a baby brush.

Yesterday was our third mom-baby yoga class and, once again, hafiz did great, although this was the first time he didn’t sleep during class. But he somehow held it together and then napped afterwards. Oh, best part? During savasana we had to rest our babies on our bellies and hafiz spit up all over me. It was hysterical. I thought I got it off, then the teacher comes around to give a little massage at the end and she says “there’s a lot of spit up in your hair” so she grabbed the burp cloth and took care of it. Not the most relaxing savasana ever 🙂

Oh and last night I did something I haven’t done in a whole year: painted my nails. Hands and feet. Bright red. I was avoiding nail polish because it smells so strong and chemically, and I was very concerned with all that while pregnant. I seriously thought everything was a potential threat to the baby. I know, I was and still am crazy. I feel so fancy now though! I especially love my toenails to have color. The fingernails will probably last three days since once I get one chip I call the whole thing off.

Tomorrow is my new mom’s group! And doing layout design for my book! And an interview about our business for a philly parenting blog (thanks to you, Kari!!!)! I also need to fit 30 minutes of yoga in there. I’ve been sticking to a good schedule of yoga one day, Insanity the next. I feel like my fitness level is getting back to where it once was, but my body… Not so much. Accepting things won’t be the same. I knew they wouldn’t but.. I guess it’s still shocking. I don’t know. I’ve had body image issues my whole life and they are definitely still there. The good thing now at least is that my priorities are in check and I value my health and being able to feed my son more than being super skinny. So I won’t go overboard with food restriction and over-exercise like I once did.

Speaking of which, gotta go eat ice cream 🙂 the inferior dairy free kind but ice cream nonetheless!!! xoxo