I’m in Chicago with my in-laws right now, reeling from the commotion of the holiday season. Whew.

Christmas was spent 4 hrs away from our house in State College with my aunt, uncle and cousins. We were just there 2 days. We agreed on no presents, aside from the family-wide secret santa exchange, but my mom of course broke the rule and got us all gifts. The best two presents I received were 20 yoga classes at my favorite studio (yeah!!!) and access to my cousin’s netflix account.

The day after we returned from State College, all of us flew to Missouri. Pokey included. This was Hafiz’s first flight and he did so so well. The timing just worked perfectly with his feedings during take-off and landing, making him a smiley boy during the flight – until turbulence hit and then he napped, loving the bumps.


We spent 5 days on my Grandma’s farm in Missouri, celebrating her 90th birthday and Christmas, both belatedly. Hafiz got his first xmas stocking.


My aunt gave me a necklace of Hafiz’s name, with a pearl (my birth stone) dotting the i.


Straying from our routine from home was rough on Hafiz. One day was full of crying and no naps. Awful. Fortunately, at night he continues to sleep really well and this wasn’t damaged by travel. I’m worried about tonight though, because our flight is at 9pm east coast time, which is when he goes to sleep. Having to nurse him at take-off and landing means having to keep him up which i haaaate to do.

I’m just so ready to be home at this point. I hope the snow doesn’t sabotage my plans.

Pretty sure Hafiz is going through some developmental shift because his once predictable eating habits have changed. Frequently now he wants to eat every 1.5 hrs instead of every 3. Exhausting for both of us.

[Had to stop writing there because hafiz was inconsolable at one point yesterday… Then I was inconsolable bec our already late flight was delayed 3.5 hrs yet we still had to get to the airport for the original flight time since it could’ve been moved up (spoiler: it wasn’t)]

Our flight back to philly wasn’t ideal. I had no clue how hafiz would respond to missing his predictable bedtime. However, he did so great. Slept in moby while we walked the terminal and drank a beer, 5-8:30 then he nursed and slept again til our flight at midnight. On the flight he sleepily nursed during take off and landing. Philly was a mess w luggage so we didn’t get out til 3:30, home by 4am, and I put hafiz to sleep then w his usual routine. He just woke up at 9:30.

I have the best baby ever and am so freaking happy to be home!!!!!!!!!!!