I put the baby to bed super early tonight (eyes shut by 8:30) because today was one of the worst days in napping history. GRRR. Even my mom’s Christmas present for Hafiz, the swing, could not save naptime today. HE WAS NOT HAVING IT. He slept for about 45 minutes in the swing in the AM, during with I did yoga, but after that it was downhill. It was so clear that he was overtired and fighting sleep, tooth and nail. I got so exhausted/frustrated by him that around 4pm when I was nursing him I decided to nurse laying down in my bed so I could close my eyes… and two hours later I woke up to hafiz STILL NURSING. He seriously nursed one boob for two hours. Obviously it was mostly non-nutritive, passive sucking – he was sleeping I guess – but that shit is ridiculous. 

Sigh. This was after two really awesome days of napping, so I have hope of things returning to that. On Sunday we even went out to brunch (got the call that our friend from Chicago was in West Philly and left the house 10 min later to meet him up) with the baby and he was super chill. And then today, wooosh, crazy kid. Parenthood is a wild ride. 

I didn’t make it to the mama-baby yoga class today that I planned to go to because things were so off with Hafiz in the AM. I realllllyyy want to go next week. Since I didn’t make it today, I am definitely forcing myself to go to this new moms group on Wednesday. I need to have more interaction with the outside world. 

Sorry, no time for pictures. Baby is finally sleeping peacefully (KNOCK ON WOOD) and I need to relax. My cousin gave me access to his netflix for Christmas – most random present ever by the way, but awesome – so I think I’ll try this orange is the new black business.