Right before Christmas I had my 6 week postpartum appointment with the midwife that delivered Hafiz. She said I still had a bit of healing to do and should probably wait another week to exercise. So it made sense to start back up with an exercise routine of sorts upon return from our holiday travels. 

My exercise options are pretty limited since it’s freezing outside and I’ll always be on a time crunch with a baby sleeping in the next room. At home workouts are the only option, so I decided to keep up with my yogaglo.com membership and do a few yoga classes a week on there. However, I also wanted to do cardio. I’ve missed that sweating-can’t-breath-gonna-die-adrenalin feeling from workouts that I was doing over a year ago, pre-TTC and pre-preg. I remembered that my friend Sarah put the entire Insanity workout series on my computer. I did the Insanity workouts in Mexico in the months leading up to our wedding, along with a boxing class, and was in the best shape of my life then. Actually, I was in TOO good of shape at the time and it wasn’t actually healthy for me, since I was also being fairly restrictive with my food as well. Five wedding events will do that to you. I don’t plan to be extreme like I was then – I’m far more liberal with my eating habits now and need to be for breastfeeding, not to mention my desire to conceive baby #2 one day naturally- but I’m excited to get my ass slightly kicked by these workouts in the meantime. It really helps me to shake off stress from the baby and feel more like myself. 

On Sunday I just did the “Fit test” part of Insanity and that alone was killer. I was so sore the next day so I just did a little yoga to try to stretch out the soreness. Then today was a full 45 min insanity circuit. Whew!!! Here is my week in terms of fitness (subject to change like whoa):

Sunday – insanity
Monday – 30 min yogaglo
Tuesday – insanity
Wednesday – 30 min yogaglo
Thursday – insanity
Friday – long walk w/ Feez (weather permitting)
Saturday – yoga with my mom at her friend’s studio
Sunday – rest

In other news, hafiz has officially found his hand:


How do you even handle loving someone so much?!!