I gave up. Hafiz is asleep on me in the glider. I got a little hands free time with him in the swing but then he woke up pissed that I had tricked him into sleeping in that thing and would only chill the f out by being rocked in my arms. At this point I just want sleep in any way possible so this will have to suffice.

Is it just me or is this kid unbearably cute?! Cuter when he’s taking good naps, sure, but cute when protesting them as well.

I can’t really be too frustrated today because Hus covered nap attempt #1 this morning, allowing me to do day 3 of insanity. Man that workout is no joke, people!! Feels so good though.

Yesterday, even though it was freezing cold outside, I forced myself to brave the weather and go to a new moms group. I will definitely go every Wednesday possible now because it a) made me feel less alone in this craziness called motherhood b) got me out of the house c) provided some advice regarding pumping and other topics. Hafiz was a li’l angel miraculously and slept through most of it, until near the end when I fed him. Now I have more confidence for the mom-baby yoga class on Mondays that I was stressing about.

Haven’t yet left the house today, though. Would rather take a nap because sleep was super interrupted last night and not by the baby, oh no, but by my chihuahua! Three times she got me out if bed, once to let her out but the other times were mysteries. Not okay that she is being more disruptive than the baby (who is still rocking one wake up a night, even with bedtime getting earlier and earlier).
Ok I’m so bored of rocking in this glider. And I’m thirsty and hungry. Need water!!!!

Love to all….