So I’ve been dairy free for 3 weeks, per the pediatrician’s suggestion, and have unfortunately noticed a huge improvement in Hafiz’s fussiness post-feeding. Well, this is fortunate for Hafiz and unfortunate for me BECAUSE I LOVE CHEESE AND ICE CREAM. Ugh. I guess the past 3 weeks haven’t been SO bad. Instead of yogurt for breakfast, I eat eggs. Instead of cheese for lunch, I eat chicken or tofu. Instead of my beloved ice cream after dinner, I eat coconut milk ice cream which isn’t even half as good as the real deal BUT it suffices. I think my only issue now is snacks. I don’t know how to have a dairy free snack. I just stare into the abyss of the refrigerator feeling puzzled, wanting yogurt or cheese, and then I eat almond butter directly from the jar. I think I am averaging a jar a week of almond butter. That’s probably not the healthiest. 


Hafiz kind of rolled over just now. It looked more like a falling over but I think it counts as stage 1 in the rolling over process. 

My head hurts from being inside too much. I haven’t left the house in 3 days. I know, that’s like #1 thing not to do when you have a baby because it clearly makes you go insane. I feel insane. Tomorrow I will right this wrong. 

I just thought of something I wanted to mention re: being dairy free. Hafiz’s poop looks COMPLETELY DIFFERENT now. It used to have lots of specks/seeds in it and now it is completely smooth. That must have been undigested milk protein? Ew. But interesting. 

Speaking of poop, I never thought I would enjoy changing diapers so much. I think you can only enjoy changing your own kid’s diapers. And it probably won’t last. But he smiles so much! And kick kick kicks! And I find it interesting to see what’s going on with his digestion! 

LOVING Orange is the New Black. Hus and I watch one episode every night now. I’ll be sad when it’s over. I also watched an episode of Parenthood while bouncing Hafiz today and man, that show is still where it’s at. Image

My tummy feels funny. It’s saying, “Give me ice cream. And cheese.” Probably.

I wanted to take a nap but now my small window of baby asleep time is over. Oh well maybe I’ll sleep better tonight if I don’t nap. POQUETA BETTER NOT WAKE ME UP! Seriously, that darn chihuahua had me up twice last night. Again, little darling Feezy sleeping, and my dog forcing me to take her out in the middle of the night. This is not okay. I am confiscating her food and water at 7pm tonight to hopefully fix this situation. We gave her new food and instead of eating two meals/day she now likes to graze all day and it’s changed her bathroom routine, apparently. Here’s an adorable pic of Pokey as a puppy to remind me that I do still love her. She’s still the best dog ever. 


Hope you’re having a great weekend!! xoxo