Yesterday was hafiz’s 2 month birthday! We drove up to see our best buds Kari, Josh and their daughter Willa. That picture was taken in their beauuutiful backyard. Had to stomp around there wearing hafiz a few times to get him sleeping, but the weather was perfect (chilly with sunshine, can’t complain).

So what’s new with Hafiz at 2 months old?
•smiles!!!! All the time. And cooing. He loves silly faces and sounds. I swear he says “yeah!!'” and “Uh oh.” 🙂
•laughing!! This is in the early stages but it is unmistakable laughter.
•”rolling” from tummy to back.. Though it’s more of a falling over and then rolling. Needs to work on making it graceful.
•sleeping in his own bed! We moved him to his floor bed BUT hus and I (and pokey of course) have been sleeping in the nursery too to ease the transition. It’s easing the transition for US and not so much him. Since he is in his own little nest and used to sleeping that way, he doesn’t seem to care whether we are sleeping nearby. However, I am so used to hearing his little snores all night that I am having a hard time separating. I just feel more calm and relaxed, better able to sleep, when he is right there. It will take me a few nights but I will venture back to our bedroom soon 🙂
•eating. No issues since I’ve gone dairy free. He is comfortable and eats voraciously. The only weird thing is now he eats every 2 hours like clockwork instead of every 3 as he was doing a few weeks ago. This is because his naps are getting shorter (and more challenging in general, ugh) and… Well I’m not sure why. The good news is that he is eating faster which is a relief because hour long feedings 2 hours apart would be ridiculous. He is down to 30 minutes. Except on the evenings when my supply is lower and he takes longer. I hope I can space out his eating times more sometime soon.
•baths – prefers them in the daytime because he needs to be in a good mood beforehand and evenings are fussy.
•yoga!! Our first mom-baby yoga class was today and he did great!!! which was surprising since he missed his AM nap and was grouchy when we left the house. I think he remembered the teacher’s voice (I took prenatal from her twice a week for the last months of pregnancy) and felt calm. We will see if next week goes as well. The teacher reminded us to not get too attached to the way they behave in class since it WILL change. Love love the teacher, especially the little neck massage she gives us moms at the end 🙂


As for me 2 months postpartum, I’m feeling very good. My body feels like my body again. Sure I’m nearly 10 lbs heavier than my pre-TTC days, and 3 lbs above my pre-preg weight, but I also have more curve now than ever before so i can accept the lbs. Hips are wider. Boobs exist. I love exercising and will continue to do insanity and yoga whenever possible (and runs when the sun shines and someone can be with Feez) but I will not be weighing myself. There’s no point. The numbers mess unnecessarily with my head. I just want to feel my best and that will come with exercise, slightly improved eating habits, and a good attitude aka laughing every day!!

I’ve started pumping every night after hafiz goes to sleep (while watching orange is the new black!) so I can build a stash. Saturday is supposed to be my first night out away from him for my friend Emily’s birthday dinner, and I need to make sure my mom has plenty of breastmilk at the ready.

I just realized that I need to make hafiz his 2 months appointment at the pediatrician to get his vaccinations. Ugh NOT looking forward to this. Any tips on how to make the shots go as well as possible?

Okay time to put baby boy to sleep. Much love.