I think this is what hafiz sincerely believes. He hates naps. Today was insane. I had my new mom’s group so I assumed he would fall asleep on the way there as he did last week. nope. So I tried to get him to sleep during the group. Nope. Nursed for an hour, though. Did he fall asleep on the way home? NO. He was awake from 8am-2:30pm. You can imagine what an overtired mess he was by this point. Screamed but with consistent bouncing he passed out… for 3 hrs. That’s called crashing. Sigh. He also didn’t poo for 24 hrs and then when he did (this evening, post napocalypse) it was green. Perhaps this is all related? Who knows. He wasn’t even all that fussy – not as I would have expected him to be after that long wakeful period. The only time he cried was as I was putting him to sleep actually… Man he fought it. What a puzzle this boy is.

On a more positive note, nights are going great! He is averaging 8 hr stretches/night. The time post 4:30am feeding varies, though. Sometimes he will sleep peacefully 5-8 but other days he will wake up at 6 and even 7 needing the pacifier to go back down. But he doesn’t need to nurse again until 8. Since he can be needy during this early AM stretch I’m still sleeping in his room (okay I’m making excuses, clearly. I could easily be across the hall but I love being with him).

Anyway, my exercise was sabotaged by napocalypse today. I will count the bouncing on the exercise ball as my exercise.

This week’s plan:
Monday- mom and baby yoga!!
Tuesday- 40 min insanity
Wednesday- sabotaged.
Thursday- 40 min insanity
Friday- 30 min yogaglo
Saturday- long walk with hafiz
Sunday- rest

Husein will be in Chicago Thursday – Monday. I’m not excited about this.

Of course you are yawning!!!!!