Last night I finally put my nightly pumping sessions to good use. At 6pm I handed Hafiz off to my mom, with more than 20 oz of breastmilk in the fridge, and headed into the city for my friend Emily’s birthday dinner.

It felt very surreal to be alone and baby-less. I missed him and felt liberated at the same time.

Emily LOVES lobster so we went to this fancy seafood place and 2/3 of us ordered huuuge yummy lobsters. It had been years and years since I had eaten lobster so I barely remembered how to break it apart and scavenge for meat. Good thing Emily is a professional and coached me through it.


Oh man the side dishes were ridiculous, too. I could’ve eaten a big plate of the broccoli and been satisfied. The restaurant is called Route 6 and I highly recommend it. It’s easy to forget how amazing the restaurants in Philly are since I so rarely eat out these days. Oh, I drank plenty of red wine as well.

My mom texted me updates throughout dinner and told me he napped right after I left for a bit. Then she gave him a bottle and he fell asleep by 8:30. He was still asleep when I got home at midnight, but my boobs were EXPLODING and uncomfortable so I pumped about 9 oz. I pumped right into these special breastmilk storage bags so I can start freezing.

Anyway, Hafiz slept straight through from when my mom put him down at 8:30 until 5:10am so I just woke up, nursed him, and he was back asleep by 5:45am.

The night really couldn’t have gone better 🙂 it is a relief to know someone else can put him to bed easily. I think I might start having hus do the bedtime routine with a bottle once a week so hafiz continues to be flexible like this and not 100% reliant on me. While I don’t plan on going out frequently, it’s nice to know I can.

Okay, back to sleep for me. I’m officially in my own bed for the whole night, with hafiz alone in his, for the second time. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be because I am sleeping SO much better and hafiz seems to be sleeping even better, too. Since we are physically attached pretty much the entire day (naps are still sucking my will to live and he is in my arms for them all) I don’t actually miss the physical contact at night. I like the space. I need it, actually.

Okay… Just me and pokey in the bed tonight since Hus is in Chicago this weekend. Hopefully the baby lets me sleep in. xoxo

20140119-062723.jpg you are the best, Feezy!!!!