Today! It was just one of those days where everything felt right.

It started in the best of ways, with Hafiz sleeping 8pm-8am, with just a 20 min feed at 6am. So his first stretch was somehow ten freaking hours. WTF? I wish I knew why he was so amazing. It’s nothing I have done- he was just born knowing that night is for sleeping. I really hope he doesn’t unlearn this skill.

Anyway, after feeding him at 8 we had my fav activity of the day: naked baby time. I started this last week when I was feeling depressed, imagining how much better life would be if we were still in Sayulita and hafiz could be naked all the time. So now I put on the space heater and let him play nakedly for 30 min a day.


Doesn’t get much better than that.

Then Hus got home from Chicago! And was overjoyed to see his beautiful son. And me, I guess 🙂

After quick daddy kisses, Feez and I went to yoga.


For the second time, Feez was basically telepathically connected to me and slept through the first half if the class that is mama-focused, so I got a decent workout, and then he woke up just in time for the baby part where we put them in little stretches. Then I stayed for about an hour afterward to feed and change him.


On the way home he seemed happy so I stopped at trader joe’s to buy too much stuff (including the cherry choc chip ice cream Pris recommended!! Can’t wait to try tonight!) – shopping hungry is dangerous.

By the time I got home hafiz looked groggy so he slept in his father’s arms while I ate cookies that my mother-in-law made for me and sent on the plane with Hus.

Then I watched the new episode of Girls while nursing H. After, Hus went on a walk with him so I got another break. I talked on the phone with my good friend that whole time. She is getting married in September and asked me to be a bridesmaid!

Then I nursed H a again, ate dinner, then put the baby to bed.

Oh wait, somewhere in there h wore this cute hat:


Okay now Hus and I want to watch a movie. I’m still bummed that Orange is the New Black is over (until next season) as it was bringing tremendous joy to our evenings. I didn’t even mind pumping while watching and I really dislike pumping. I need a new amazing tv series to get addicted to! Preferably that is available on Netflix. Maybe I’ll do some crowd sourcing for suggestions via Facebook.

Ok… a lot of love!