So remember how GREAT yesterday was? Ha, yeah. Well. Today was pretty much the opposite. That’s how it goes, right? Babies are incredibly unpredictable like that.

I’ll focus on the positive first though. Baby slept 9pm-9:30am with one feeding at 3:30. It’s funny bec when he woke me up at 3:30 I was kind of upset because I had just gotten used to his 5 or 6am wake ups. But he made up for that by sleeping in like a champ.

However, perhaps this extra sleep in the AM is what created another napocalypse 2014. He barely napped all freaking day. I think he one hour-long one and that’s it. He did cry for nearly a full hour though, poor thing. Man, overtiredness is the worst. Sigh.

Hopefully he’ll get good rest tonight and get a fresh start tomorrow. I keep thinking of this girl in my mom-baby yoga class whose 6 week old daughter has day and night completely confused. She naps all day and then is up all night. This girl seemed really at the end of her rope… My heart went out to her. Sleep deprivation is no joke. It was also a wake up call to me that I should appreciate what I have and not complain and over-analyze his nap issues so much.

Anyway, today I did a trial run with our cloth diapers and definitely feel confident that we can get into the cloth diapering routine. I’m still going to use disposable at night for now and possibly forever because I don’t change him at all in the night and would like to keep it that way.

cloth diaper stash

modeling – I love how these have math equations on them

Pokey and feezy

Oh another reason today was rough? About 10+ inches of snow, which meant no walks outside and that’s always our back-up plan when hafiz is refusing to nap.

Also bummed about the snow because the roads won’t be in good enough shape for me to go to the new moms group tomorrow (it’s 20 min away). Boo.

Okay… off to make this kid sleepy. xoxo