12-14 inches of snow accumulated in our neighborhood and since Philadelphia isn’t really equipped to handle serious snow, the city was basically shut down. We didn’t leave the house at all, especially since it was 2 degrees and super windy outside. Brrrr. Don’t even ask me how Poqueta handled going to the bathroom today, because it wasn’t pretty. My poor little Mexican chihuahua. 

Anyway, the highlights of our snowed in day were: 

-Giving Hafiz a bath. The picture above is right after the fact, when he was all soft and clean and calm. He is finally smiling a lot during baths and loving every second. When he gets out we cuddle in front of his space heater. 

-NAPS!!!! Hus’s roasting machine is broken and the part he needs to fix it doesn’t come in until tomorrow SO he couldn’t work and instead offered to handle all naps today. He was a billion times more successful than I typically am and had Hafiz out with minimal crying for three naps. IT WAS AWESOME and, as a result, Hafiz was clearly in such a better mood when he was awake.


-Applying for jobs. Eh, this wasn’t really a highlight but I decided to face reality and work on my resume, track down my reference letters and search for teaching positions. August is coming faster than I want it to. 

-Cloth diapers day 2. Still no more leaks! Really loving these Bumgenius ones. 


-Bedtime with Hus. There was a big bottle of my breastmilk in the fridge that was going to “expire” tomorrow so I asked Hus to put Hafiz to bed. I didn’t know how it would go, but figured I would be downstairs if things went wrong. Um, well, what takes me 1.5-2 hours, Husein did in 30 freaking minutes. Baby was OUT, just like that. I’m feeling good about the sleep routine we have going, as there are enough sleep clues (massage, swaddle, sleep sheep, eat, lights out, sometimes pacifier) for it to run smoothly without me. I wish I knew how to speed up the process when I do it, but when Hafiz nurses for bedtime he realllllyyyy takes his time. Maybe it’s because my supply is lower in the evening, or he just likes to suck for comfort? Oh well. I’ll continue to have Hus do this once a week or so to give me a break. 

-Nostalgia. A friend of mine from college had a baby boy yesterday. Seeing the pictures of her and her newborn son just made me really nostalgic for when Hafiz was born, so I started looking at the pictures from that night.



Minutes after he was born, those first screams. 


Breastfeeding for the very first time.


He had so much more hair when he was just born!

And my all time favorite picture…Image


Love that shocked expression on his face, discovering his hand.

As nostalgic as I am for that time, I don’t really care to go back to those first weeks when my nipples were bleeding, my hormones were out of whack and Hafiz wasn’t smiling and laughing. I like how much more predictable he is now, the fact that I understand and can anticipate his needs. I feel like there’s an actual flow of communication between us that definitely didn’t exist in those first days. Time is going ridiculously fast though! He’s about 2.5 months old already! 

Okay…. need to pump again and get to bed. xoxo.