what i loved about today:

Hafiz sleeping 8pm-8am with 5am feeding — the fact that hus was the one that put him to bed for that stretch makes it even better!

I finally got an audio monitor! bought a $60 one from a woman in my mom’s group for just $20. If I listen closely I can even hear Feez’s breathing on it. YAY!

Insanity. 45 minute awesome workout.

Organized my closet and drawers, got rid of a bunch of clothes to give to Purple Heart. Getting rid of things is the best. #minimalistdreams

Hafiz napped like a champ (see picture) and feedings are spacing out more, most were 3 hrs apart today. One was even 4!

Pokey peed outside!!!

Oh and hafiz peed on us!! I came in to help hus with an overwhelming poop situation (cloth diapers definitely don’t absorb poop like disposables and while it didn’t leak at all, within the diaper it was everywhere) and as we were cleaning him he drenched his changing table and my husband’s arm. We laughed a lot because hafiz was so oblivious as we freaked out.

I cooked a real lunch: sautéed kale, salmon burger (thanks trader Joe) and red quinoa (thanks Costco)

Finally made lactation cookies (recipe courtesy of Priscilla!)

Baby went to sleep easily at 8.

That’s all… It’s past my bedtime.