I just finished nursing hafiz and now I can’t fall back asleep and am doing the worst possible thing that you can do when you can’t sleep by looking at my phone.


Husein just left for the airport. He is going to San Francisco for 24 hours. He is nuts, but I already knew that.

Tonight we had friends over for dinner, a co-worker from when I taught in North Philly, his wife and son. I thawed some breastmilk and had Hus put Hafiz to bed again so I wouldn’t have to leave the gathering for 1.5 hrs. Hus was if course able to get him asleep in 30 min. I made a huge bottle and was shocked by how much hafiz took. 6 oz! Geez.

My only issue when hus gives a bottle is then I need to pump around that time and I really hate adding an extra session of pumping. Does anyone else hate pumping? Even if I’m watching tv during it, I get so antsy and impatient. By 4 minutes I’m tapping my foot and wriggling around feeling uncomfortable. Anyway last night I was lazy and didn’t really pump when I should have so of course woke up just now pretty engorged. And hafiz passed out after one side so I couldn’t get him to help me out with the other. I hope I’m not setting myself up for mastitis with this. I promise to be less lazy next time!! Ugh how do women exclusively pump?! I would go crazy.

Anyway. Hus and I looked through pictures on his phone last night and I saw these for the first time:

Hafiz at a few hours old

Pretty sure this was our first day home

Seeing my midwife at 40 weeks.

About a week old

Okay feeling sleepy now. I’m over winter. My skin is so dry that it itches.

Carly you are getting sleepy, very sleepy…. (Trying to hypnotize myself to bed)