I woke up at 6:30am this morning in a panic, boobs leaking and aching.

Why had Hafiz not woken me up at 4 or 5am to eat?!?

Standing at his door, I couldn’t hear his usual heavy breathing. At this point my heart was racing.

So I burst I into his room and poked him. Startled, he gasped.

He was fine. Of course. His mom on the other hand…

Anyway, I went back to sleep and woke up to his little sounds at 7:30am. He was just lying there looking around. Not even crying.

He slept straight from 8:30pm-7:30am. And I think I know why, but would never do it again. Let me explain.

You see, last night after dinner, I wanted to go scan the illustrations for my book and start laying out the pages on Photoshop. So I attempted to make a bottle using some of my frozen breastmilk for Husein to give Hafiz. But things kept gong wrong. Milk was somehow leaking from the bottle into the warm water. So I needed another bag of milk which would stubbornly not melt. The bottle was still leaking (it’s one of those funky adiri boob-shaped ones) and at this point hafiz was shrieking with hunger and exhaustion.

I should have just stayed home and nursed him, as he was clearly agitated and it’s really best to give a bottle when he is calm since it’s not as familiar and comforting as nursing. But I stubbornly wanted to accomplish what I had planned, so I haphazardly finished warming the bottle and left.

I was out for about an hour, and when I got back Hafiz was still crying – but even worse.

Apparently he drank about 5-6 oz and then spit up A LOT and just inconsolably cried. I have no idea if it was the milk, his overtiredness or what. Anyway I nursed him on one side, burping him every few minutes because I was worried about his belly, and eventually he calmed down, relaxed, and went to sleep.

For 11 hours straight.

I’m sure it was from the crying (usually our bedtime is tear free) and extra milk since he both took a bottle and nursed. Though there was a lot of spitting up so I can’t be sure how much he really got. I guess this is similar to dream feeding (waking baby up a few hours after they’ve gone to bed to give them more milk to stay asleep longer) but I’m still not going to ever re-create what happened last night. He sleeps well enough as is.

And then, oh god, this morning when I took off his PJs he had a little thread or hair wrapped so tight around his toe that it had cut the skin and his toe was all red! So maybe that contributed to his discomfort last night? Ugh I feel awful that he slept all night with his toe like that. I’m always worried about that happening too! My fears became reality!

Anyway, the little guy was all smiles this morning – after we saved his toe – so all’s well that ends well. Oh and at least we are all super well rested.