And it’s not bitter cold outside!!! I took pokey on a walk and it was actually pleasant for both of us. The snow and ice is finally melting. Is it spring yet? Ha.

Today I finished laying out 17 of the 24 pages of my book on Photoshop. And I mentioned it to the lady from the philly parenting blog who interviewed us about the business, and she said she would do a post about my book when it was finished! I am officially feeling the motivation to put in the last push to complete this project — which has been over a year in the making.

Okay so get this. Hafiz is suddenly, after a week of having his meals 4 hrs apart, back to every 3 hours. You know what changed? I finished my lactation cookies! Do you think it’s possible that the cookies increased my milk enough to extend time between feedings? It’s an almost to-the-day correlation between me eating the cookies and hafiz’s 4 hr stint. I’ll make more cookies tomorrow to experiment.

Guess who needed new batteries today? Sleep sheep! I don’t know how I predicted it would die on us but it occurred to me last night and then today, batteries dead. Good thing we had AAs on hand.

My infant massage skills have greatly improved since watching the video Lindsey shared on her blog and hafiz is loving the nightly ritual. Also, coconut oil has done wonders for the occasional cradle cap he had before. It’s gone. I also put it behind his ears every day since they were getting dry and bleeding. I should make a coconut- lavender oil blend to use at night since lavender is calming.

Gotta go.. Sorry about the randomness of this post that’s just where I’m at these days. Love!!