•great night sleep leads to bad day sleep, no matter how many sleep books I read say otherwise.

•when you don’t drink for a year, one beer is enough to feel drunk.

•yoga is the best!!!

•my bangs are too long. They are obstructing my vision. Can’t decide if I should trim them or begin the epic journey of growing them out.

•when can hafiz go in our BOB stroller?

•all signs point to San cristobal in Chiapas being a place we need to visit or live. I read into coincidences way too much.

•we have been listening to an inordinate amount of Raffi over here. I sing baby beluga perpetually and am begging hus to be Raffi next Halloween. If he grows a beard and uses a banana as a phone he will be SET.

•I am loving cloth diapers!!!!!!! Shocked by how easy they were to implement. Wishing it were summer and hafiz could wear just a cloth diaper 24/7.

•I’ve been watching the show weeds on netflix. It’s entertaining. I still miss orange is the new black, though.

•whoa speaking of netflix, you have to watch the documentary Blackfish!! I watched it while hus was in San Francisco, since he never agrees to watching a documentary, and it was AMAZING. I haven’t stopped thinking about it. I love documentaries.

•hafiz’s very belated 2 months appointment is on Monday. vaccination time!!!

•speaking of the pediatrician… So he told me to give hafiz these vitamin drops (tri visol I think is the name) but they are so so gross. Hafiz’s eyes got huge when I put them in his mouth and then he choked on it. I tried them and had a similar response.
I don’t want to give them to him every day! Do I really need to? They don’t even have iron and I’ve read that breastmilk lacks iron and that it’s important to supplement. Hmmm. Lots of questions for the pediatrician.

•what batteries does the sleep sheep take? I am so worried that it will die on me. Hafiz loves that thing.

•will I have to use nursing pads forever? When will my boobs stop leaking? Why does Costco not sell nursing pads?!!

Ok someone needs to inform hafiz that it’s time for bed.